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Ultra Messaging 6.11 has been released to shipping and is available immediately to all licensed customers.


This release includes the following key enhancements:


  • UMS/UMP: Transport Services Provider is a new method of assigning receivers to independent threads. It separates Topic Resolution handing from user data reception and replaces the earlier limited "Multi-Transport Threads" feature.
  • UMS/UMP: Enhanced Smart Source feature. Now supported: Persistence, Spectrum, LBT-RU transport, limited subset of Message Properties, and optional callbacks for user-directed memory management.
  • UMP/DRO: Rolling log files for Persistent Stores and for UM Routers (DRO) to facilitate long-running operation.
  • UMP/DRO: Daemon Statistics. The same Persistent Store and UM Router information currently available via their web monitors can now be published efficiently as normal UM topic-based messages. The design allows these published statistics to be collected non-intrusively so that normal operation is not disrupted.


Ultra Messaging 6.11 Release Notes


PAM for Ultra Messaging 6.11