This release includes the following key enhancements:

  • UMS: Performance (send time and jitter) has been improved for all transport types
  • UMS: New higher-performance API for sending messages via reliable multicast transport protocol
  • UMS: High-resolution packet TX and RX timestamps with Solarflare network interfaces and OpenOnload
  • UMS: Added Java API for serialized responses to enable more flexible request/response patterns
  • UMS: TCP-based communication (including DRO peer links) can be compressed and/or encrypted
  • UMP: Receiver-paced Persistence feature now supports blocking and non-blocking receivers
  • UMP: An API has been added to start and stop a UMP store from inside an application process
  • UMP: The store has been enhanced to log thread IDs for each of its internal threads


Additionally, all enhancements from Ultra Messaging 6.8 are generally available in this release:


  • UMS: More efficient processing of arriving data
  • UMQ: Robust, highly-available JMS and AMQP broker
  • UMQ: AMQP 1.0 wire protocol support for UMQ client API
  • UMQ: Fully-managed (pure Java) JMS 1.1 client API
  • UMQ: Automatic fail-over for client-broker connections
  • UMQ: Inter-operation between UMQ and JMS client APIs


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