• How quantum mechanics will change information technology

    Google reported that it would grow distributed computing administrations to advertise reach to incorporate quantum registering , and since May we have a comparative offer from IBM accessible . They are not yet benefit...
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  • Showcasing Artificial Intelligence in the Quote-to-Cash Process

    Innovation Evaluation Centers (TEC) as of late distributed an article entitled "Apttus Showcases Artificial Intelligence Use in Quote-to-Cash Processes." In this article they examined the Apttus scene, including refre...
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  • Launch of Oracle Data Integrator

    Oracle , after the acquisition of the Sunopsis organization, has released the new Oracle records Integrator (ODI) device, based on the one that this agency traded. This tool enters the section of the E-LT , or Extrac...
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  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2014/2015 Next Major Release codenamed Rainier or Rainer

    There has been some buzz around on the next release of AX codenamed "Rainier" or "Rainer" - I'm not sure on the correct codename.   I'm not able to find this particular link anymore but here are some of the stri...
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  • Glad to be a Part of this Community

    I am glad to be a part of this community. I like what I see so far.   This is a very busy community! That's what I like the most. Please be sure to say hi.
  • 'Unable to communicate with Administrator Deamon in VIBE Data streams'

    I have installed Informatic VIBE DataStream Free Edition (Windows 7 64 SP1). In AdministrationConsole I have defined VibeDataStream Service but when navigating to the panel where I would build workflows I get the foll...
  • VIBE- Data Stream, How to collect the data from devices/mobiles using VDS

    Do we a seperate installer for devices? i.e. how do we configure the VDS to read the data directly from a mobile/sensor device
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  • VIBE data stream - use case for scheduled data collection

    Hello- we are trying to read files on a schedule but only pull file if there is change in content or change in file name. Can we achieve this VIBE and if we can, doe it take a performance hit if we start doing this f...
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