VDS is a breakthrough high-performance, scalable, resilient and cost-efficient software product for real-time streaming data collection from machine and other data sources to Big Data targets such as Hadoop and Cassandra and cloud targets such as Amazon Kinesis. VDS allows you to define, deploy, manage and monitor your data collection topology through a centralized GUI. VDS delivers rapid time-to-production for streaming data collection allowing you to focus on deriving value and maximizing ROI from your data.

Key additional features for VDS 2.3 are:


  • Support for Power Center (Enterprise) v9.6.1 HF3 and v10.0
    • VDS can now be installed and run as a service on top of  Power Center v9.6.1 HF3 and v10.0
  • Enhanced User Experience, security and productivity
    • Ability to replicate Dataflows and Entities
    • Support for Secure Ultra Messaging Transport
    • Command line plugin for creating VDS Service
    • REST Interface for managing Dataflows
  • Plugin and Transformation enhancements
    • InsertString Transform enhanced to support TIMEUUID and RANDOMUUID
    • Support for additional sources: JMS
    • Support for additional targets: JMS and Apache Kafka
    • Time based flush for Targets
    • Ability to shard data across multiple target nodes

Release Notes:InformaticaVibe Data Stream for Machine Data Version 2.3.0