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VDS is a breakthrough high-performance, scalable, resilient and cost-efficient software product for real-time streaming data collection from machine and other data sources to Big Data targets such as Hadoop and Cassandra and cloud targets such as Amazon Kinesis. VDS allows you to define, deploy, manage and monitor your data collection topology through a centralized GUI. VDS delivers rapid time-to-production for streaming data collection allowing you to focus on deriving value and maximizing ROI from your data.


Key additional features for VDS 2.2 are

  • Support for Power Center (Enterprise) v9.6.1
    • VDS can now be installed and run as a service on top of  Power Center v9.6.1. This is in addition to support for Power Center Express which comes bundled with VDS
  • WebSocket Transport as an option along with Ultra Messaging Transport
    • Increases use cases that can now be supported by VDS
    • VDS nodes can now be deployed outside Enterprise firewall without any additional complexity
    • Allows VDS nodes to run on all platforms, devices and OS supporting JVM including 32-bit systems
    • Secure communication between VDS nodes using Websocket transport
  • Quality of Service to fit your needs
    • Support for Guaranteed Delivery in addition to Streaming
  • Ease of Deployment and Management
    • Import and Export capabilities allows migration across environments
    • Node Groups help with managing and deploying large number of VDS Nodes
  • Hierarchical Topology
    • Aggregator Node allows fan-in and fan-out topologies and use of heterogeneous transports to help improve scale and supported use cases
  • Enterprise grade capabilities
    • High Availability across all VDS components
    • Support for Enterprise Databases for VDS Repository
    • Support for Disaster Recovery deployment
    • Improved Scalability and Management helps with larger deployments
    • Monitoring enhancements and plugin specific monitoring statistics
    • Alerting when VDS Nodes or services not available
  • Enhanced User Experience, security and productivity
    • Improved look and feel
    • Allows changing of advance configuration parameters for improved performance and deployment flexibility
    • Support for Kerberos and LDAP for user authentication
    • Secure information exchange between VDS components  and encrypted storage of sensitive data
  • Plugin and Transformation enhancements
    • Transformations can now run on either source and/or target node
    • Grok transform available out of the box allows VDS to parse unstructured log data into structured format
    • Compress and Decompress transforms increases the efficiency of network and storage usage
    • Support for additional sources: Static File, UM and Syslog-UDS
    • Support for additional targets: HTTP and Websocket
    • Kerberos support on HDFS target
  • Updated PAM
    • Support for SUSE 11

Informatica Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data - 2.2.0 - Release Notes - (English)