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VDS is a breakthrough high-performance, scalable, resilient and cost-efficient software product for real-time streaming data collection from machine and other data sources to Big Data targets such as Hadoop and Cassandra and cloud targets such as Amazon Kinesis. VDS allows you to define, deploy, manage and monitor your data collection topology through a centralized GUI. VDS delivers rapid time-to-production for streaming data collection allowing you to focus on deriving value and maximizing ROI from your data.


Key additional features for VDS are:


  • Enhanced User Experience, security and productivity
    • Improved look and feel
    • Allows changing of advance configuration parameters for improved performance and deployment flexibility
    • Secure information exchange between VDS components  and encrypted storage of sensitive data
  • Improved Installation experience
    • Single installer to deploy all Management and Monitoring components i.e. Administrator Daemon, Administrator Console and Zookeeper
    • Easier and faster installation of the components
    • Multi-host Remote Node installation capability
  • Integration with Amazon Kinesis (https://aws.amazon.com/kinesis)
    • Allows user to push on-premise data and cloud data into Amazon Kinesis
  • Support for additional source and target plugins
    • Source: HTTP(S) and Websocket, Additional Hadoop distributions (Hortonworks and MapR)
    • Target: Amazon Kinesis
  • Updated Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Additional browser support - Firefox

Informatica Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data - 2.1.0 - Release Notes (English)