• Unable to access interface visibility rights - PIM Rich Client

    Hello All,   I am unable to access interface visibility rights in PIM rich client. throwing following error while opening   2. After logging in web UI page is blank, even after server restart it is same....
  • Add fields to References tab- PIM Web UI

    Hi All,   I want to add some other fields to OOB References tab in PIM UI. I have made changes in Article.references.listmodel.xml but didn't work. Please point me the correct file in web definition for Referen...
  • Moving exports and imports in bulk from one env to another

    Is there a way in PIM 10.1 to move all the export templates and import templates from one environment to another all at once? By environment I mean from dev to qa or qa to prod. Thanks.
    Mohsin Asif
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  • Hide OOB fields from field selection - PIM web UI

    Hi All,   I want to hide OOB fields from fields selection widget in web UI. Could it be possible by changing web definitions. Any help is much appreciated!!  
    Manasa Chinnasani
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  • Supplier Portal Keystore Integration with Windows Keystore

    Hello,   we are currently facing a security issue with our Supplier Portal and the SSL-certificate. In the standard informatica solution the tomcat connector looks like this:   <Connector port="9443" pro...
    Philipp Holler
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  • How to set attributes (Brand) non-editable

    Hello,   In the current project we need to set some item attributes to be non-editable in order not to be modified by some user groups. I have followed the steps from KB: Support but these fields are still edit...
    Bogdan Dan Biu
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  • How to: classify an Item to a Product in FlexUI

    Hello,   Right now we are trying to use a FlexUI template in order to create "New Items" under the parent Product. We need to have the "Create Item" button after selecting the right Product from a list. Can ...
    Bogdan Dan Biu
    created by Bogdan Dan Biu
  • conditional use of ExportMime function

    Hi all,   I'm facing an issue with exporting of images.   Case article 123456 has 2 images set as type buying picture, one with prio 1, the other has prio 2. Want I want to achieve is that only the image...
    Gerdo Veenink
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  • MDM - Product 360 EBFs - September 2021

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:     EBF Versions Description HPM-55988,,, Messages get stuck i...
    Supreetha Rao
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  • WebClient export File (original path) to Photoshop

    Hey everyone, currently we are using the medias fat client. The medias- and pim- webclient is not used. If one of our graphical personal is designing e.g. website they and need some pic stored in medias. She is goin...
    David Kumar
    created by David Kumar
  • What is the base line RestAPI for "revert value" functionality in PIM V10.1 ?

    Hello All,   I am curious about the functionality in V10.1 where user can revert the value of a field to a older value by single click on Web UI. We have a business scenario where we need to achieve this program...
    Anurag Chourasia
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  • SEQUENCE () function in PIM Import is not working correctly

    Hello Everyone,   Hope you and your family is doing good. I have a question around PIM Import functions. I am using SEQUENCE() function in import and my expectation is that it will generate a new number every ti...
    Anurag Chourasia
    created by Anurag Chourasia
  • Multimedia Tree FlexUI Component to remember state

    Hi,   Is it possible to configure a FlexUI component of type="multimediaTree" to remember the open/close status of the nodes? It would be nice if the folder a user was last working in, is still open after closi...
  • How to - arrange "read rights" in WEB-UI and "change right" in Flex-UI

    Hello,   In my current project we have a requirement to have the field "PIM Item No" read-only in WebUI. We managed to do that in order not the users to modify the field. Next step is that when an import is mad...
    Bogdan Dan Biu
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  • Media Asset Priority

    Hi all,   In Informatica PIM standard implementation only one asset per asset type is possible.   However, since version 8.0.3 there is an additional (inactive) non-reserve key called (Article|Product2G|St...
    Ben Daelemans
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  • Given a list of filenames, how can i see which exist in media manager?

    Given a list of filenames (or SKUs), how can I see which ones exist in media manager and which are missing? It's not fun searching one at a time This list may be hundreds of items long.   Also, how can I have...
    Roy Walter
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  • Is there a way to import text values to Media Manager property fields?

    Looking for a way to update property fields via an import rather than by workflow or manually updating one asset at a time.  I've found the "Automatic indexing" service in the Medias module but I can't seem to ma...
    Daniel Molinski
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  • PIM version 10 upgrade

    Hi All,   As we are planning to upgrade from V8.1 to V10 Cloud edition, I would like to know what would significantly change in terms of integration with other in-house applications. 1. File Based Integration -...
    Debopriya Roy
    created by Debopriya Roy
  • PIM Plugins customization

    I am on PIM 8.1.1 and currently in process of developing a custom plugin for pim that generates item id. Instead of using pim generated id, we want to fetch that id from a stored procedure in our sql server database. ...
    Mohsin Asif
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  • Error during server restart after custom tab configuration

    Hi All,   As a part of Custom tab and field configuration we have created sub entities under article with unique entityId, created logical keys, defined the fields, mapped them to the reserved fields under Artic...
    Raviteja Vemuri
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