• Unit is not removed from an attribute after feature attribute match

    Hi all,   We've changed the configuration of an attribute.   What did we do: Change data type from decimal to Character string Change Unit from centimetre to null   Then we've triggered the featur...
    Gerdo Veenink
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  • PIM Webclient: Assign article to product

    Hello Community, Hello sreinhardt   we want to assign articles to a product in the PIM Web Client.   So far as I know the only possibility is to go to the product, select the detail tab "Items of the prod...
    Simon Buhro
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  • P360 - Execute Data qualities on Look-Up values

    Hello,   in order to check automatically the presence of the Name (<Language>) in a Look-Up Value, we have tried to create a Data Quality (in attachement DQ configuration).   But, when it runs, an er...
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  • PIM Reference item & variant

    Hi, I found an issue with the visualizzation of the reference:   currently we have 2 item and 2 variant with the following reference:   Variant_1601986993763016        ...
    Alex _
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  • Single import mapping/configuration for multiple supplier catalogs

    Hi,   This seems like surely this capability should exist in PIM, but does it? It seems I have to specify a catalog for each import mapping and configuration. In our setting that means I'd need to build 500 iden...
    Neeme Loorits
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  • Unable to return the Preset identifier in Rest API

    I am using the below API to return items with their attributes, attributes identifier, Attribute Value.  It works fine, but now I need to return a part of it the attributeValue identifier that does not seem to wo...
    Ronald Lubin
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  • Media not getting Auto-Assigned at the first time when uploaded through Hotfolder

    While we tried and enabled the Auto-Assignment feature for image mapping in PIM. We can see that when manually the image is getting uploaded, the image is properly getting assigned with the specific Item.   But ...
    Soham Chatterjee
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  • Slow execution of BPM process from PIM to Activevos

    We are seeing the trigger messages are flowing very slowly from PIM to activevos BPM server which is causing delay in the execution. this is happening when we applied HF1 on PIM version we are using Amaz...
    Sidhu Hajare
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  • Description for Structure Features

    Hi All,     we are trying to replicate a behaviour of the Description of Repository fields on Structure Features: in a FlexUI, when the mouse is over a Repository field, is showned a pop-up with the Descri...
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  • Double classification export format template issue

    All,   I want to create an export format template which allows me to use double structure group classifications.   Let me illustrate the example below.   I have the following hierarchy (example) ...
    Wouter de Boer
    created by Wouter de Boer
  • Media

    Hi,   In Media context is it possible to add additional data coming from Media Manager to the tab "General information"? See the screenshot for the context.   Thanks, Roberto
    Roberto Arreghini
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  • PIM EditorPlaceholder Problem

    Hi all,   we have an issue when we try to use EditorPlaceholder function in a export preview for attribute values.   The function works correctly if I use the EditorPlaceholder into the attribute module bu...
    Alex _
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  • Cannot find WorkflowProcessCalculationConfig.xml

    We need to have a dashboard presentation of average time spent on one item to make it ready for export. I tried to find out the solution but came through the name of this xml file where some configurations needs to ma...
    Neha Garg
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  • Illegal Character in path at index 12 while starting up Product 360 server (

    Hi,   I am getting data quality error while starting pim server. This is strange as this is a fresh pim installation on a new machine. Could anybody help me out here.   2020-10-11 13:14:01,796 ERROR [Serv...
    Mohit Kumar
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  • Sort articles when assigned to structure group

    I have the requirement to maintain the sort order of items in a web catalog. The web catalog is implemented with a structure system.   I would like to control the order of items when assigned to a structure gro...
    Roberto Arreghini
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  • Enabling a structure group dropdown in FlexUI configuration

    Hi All,   Who knows a way to enable a dropdown while selecting a structure group in the FlexUI. Our current configuration is as follows:   <fieldGroup displaySectionWidget="false" subEntityId="ArticleStr...
    Berry S.
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  • How to display an image placed at a local path in preview tab in PIM web UI

    Hi,   We have few images placed at a a local path in our server. We have to display those images in the Preview tab in PIM web UI. We are trying through an HTML code but the image is not getting displayed. Altho...
    Neha Garg
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  • Team tasks component in PIM Dashboard

    Hi,   We are trying to create a dashboard in which we want to display the static tasks assigned to a particular User group. But when we are logging to PIM web client with a user assigned to that user group, no t...
    Neha Garg
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  • Task lag in version

    Hi All,   There is significant lag (1-2 hours) in ActiveVOS tasks in PIM application. When checked on MessageQueue, it shows 500+ pending processes.   Is there any way to clear these processes from backen...
    Debopriya Roy
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  • Index configuration for Attributes in PIM

    Hello,   Can anyone please help with the working part of Attributes configuration as index? Tried with below codes for one existing Attribute "Digital or Physical" and results are coming as not specified, even ...
    Debopriya Roy
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