• Hotfolder configurations migration to higher environment in Informatica P360

    Hi All,   I have configured Hotfolder groups for 6 different sources with their corresponding hotfolder configurations in PIM Desktop. Please let me how can I migrate the changes to higher environment.   T...
    Samim Admed
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  • Given a list of filenames, how can i see which exist in media manager?

    Given a list of filenames (or SKUs), how can I see which ones exist in media manager and which are missing? It's not fun searching one at a time This list may be hundreds of items long.   Also, how can I have...
    Roy Walter
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  • New User Creation in PIM via Web Service URL

    Hi All,   I am looking to understand if it is possible to create / delete or extract all users from the PIM system using a web service URL? If so, can we extract it in a csv file?   Thank you.
    Ankit Shailen
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  • Transition Fields in PIM Web

    I have created a handful of transition fields for use in the Item References view of the desktop client.  They work fine.  Now I'm trying to add them to the References tab of the item details section in PIM ...
    Daniel Molinski
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  • Keyword Functionality for enabling search in P360

    Hi Team,   We want to implement keywords functionality in which we want to assign keywords for structure groups and want the items which are assigned to particular structure group to inherit those keywords and h...
    Vaishali Ahlawat
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  • Changing text color of fields within Flex UI templates

    Hello dear Informatica users,   I have a question regarding flex UI templates. Is it possible highlight certain field in below UI template? Let's say we would like to see the words ''ERP Description'' in red tex...
    Kees Hoekerd
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  • Sort articles when assigned to structure group

    I have the requirement to maintain the sort order of items in a web catalog. The web catalog is implemented with a structure system.   I would like to control the order of items when assigned to a structure gro...
    Roberto Arreghini
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  • Media Manager web UI personal Options

    Hi, does anyone know the permission rights configuration in Media Manager for enabling Settings->Options in Media Manager web UI?   Admins are allowed to change their options, including the list of fields ...
    Roberto Arreghini
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  • Date Field is not storing timestamp till seconds in DB when entered from PIM WebUI.

    Hi All,   We have date fields with timestamp as property in repository. On WebUI we see calendar opens up on those fields which has selection option for "seconds" also, see below screenshot.     H...
    Anurag Chourasia
    created by Anurag Chourasia
  • Looking for Sizing calculator for version 10 PIM

    Hi,   I have sent the question to Informatica but have not received an answer, so then I thought I would try if anyone here has the document and can think of sharing it with me.
    Bengt Wass
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  • Some units are not selectable as BaseUnit, how to configure?

    Hello,   I noticed that unit Kilogramm is not selectable in the field Base unit (management > units. I need to make a conversion from Gramm to Kilogramm. How can I make Kilogramm selectable as a Base Unit? ...
    Margot Emmers
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  • MDM Product 360 Version 10.1 Sizing calculator wanted

    Hi, where can I find the newest Sizing Calculator Excel for PIM 10.1?
    Michael Mezger
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  • REST API - Get entity fields from a subentity

    Hi All, I'm trying to create an api request that returns all subentity records based on the value of an entity attribute. For example all the suppliers code for the item with EAN equals to "123". When I build the r...
    Alex _
    created by Alex _
  • Supplier Portal - mailTemplate "${message." references

    Hi,   Is there any way of adding author's email address to the mailTemplates?   Already existing references in the mail templates: ${message.username}, ${message.text} ${message.author} ${message.url} ...
    Vitaly Khutorny
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  • Informatica PIM 10 server not running

    Hi Everyone, I have installed Informatica PIM 10 clusterix and server on windows machine. Clusterix service is up and running. Installed the server but when i start the server service, it is started and stopping imme...
    Spidy 2406
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  • REST API using external user

    Hi All,   I am not able to access Rest Url "http://localhost:1512/rest/V1.0/list/info" using external user, where as internal user belonging to same usergroup can access the URL. Do I need to configure particula...
    Kiran Ruhil
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  • PropertyPostSetter

    Hi,   i am using Post Setter to set the data on MarketingExtension entity field based on the ArticleDomain subentity field. i am using Putcommand to update the field.. both of these fields are flags. some times ...
    Rajesh S
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  • Email Validation Results

    I am looking for recommendations for translating EMV6 results into higher level domains (e.g. valid v invalid). Are there best practices or industry standards for this type of mapping? In particular we are stuggling w...
    Christopher Gehrke
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  • Tasks: unable to re-assign an user group if the task has been assigned to a user

    Hello guys,   I have some tasks (SingleTask and WorkflowTask) assigned to groups. Once the task is expired, it is automatically assigned to a user (the same set as responsible).   The best should be to se...
    Andrea Albonetti
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  • How to: Add new field in Change Information tab in PIM WebUI?

    Hi All,   I need information on adding new field in "Change Information" tab in web UI in P360. I do not see any corresponding xml file on application server under "webdefinition" directory.   Please guide...
    Anurag Chourasia
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