• Error in client log for custom import function plugn

    !ENTRY com.cat.custom.import.function 4 0 2021-02-04 18:03:51.045 !MESSAGE FrameworkEvent ERROR !STACK 0 org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not resolve module: com.cat.custom.import.function [14] Unresolved req...
    Robyn Marowitz
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  • Can't use merge setting 'Replace'

    Hi everyone I have a supplier catalog that contains articles with purchase prices (ArticlePricePurchase). I'm using merge setting 'Replace' for this subentity   When I merge the catalog and the price informati...
    Magnus Eklund
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  • Multiple API calls from One Node in PIM

    Hi is anyone familiar with API calls for PIM in a multi node environment?   I have a ticket open where one of two servers is firing a bash script each day to kick set off a series of merge processes via API cal...
    Joe Griffith
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  • Can merge happen from one supplier catalog to another instead of master catalog?

    Hi Everyone,   We have data coming from different suppliers and before integrating into master catalog, we would like to integrate the data from all suppliers into one catalog and perform quality checks before m...
    Ramya Babbepalli
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  • Move items across Supplier Catalogs while maintaining link to items in Master?

    A customer has decided to reduce the number of supplier catalogs in their Product 360 environment by combining similar catalogs into one (e.g.: Items from Acme USA, Acme China, Acme Europe will all be moved to a singl...
    Daniel Molinski
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  • Merge using API

    Hi All, Need small suggestion on Merge api.   Merge code snippet mentioned in api documentation for Java works fine, but merge settings that are active in thick client at the time of code snippet execution are ...
    Raj Attaluri
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  • How to create Item Revision in Informaatica PIM 360 8.1.1?

    Hi Gurus,   I want to create a Item revision in PIM. What all ways do we have to create Item Revision ?   Regards Anurag Chourasia
    Anurag Chourasia
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  • Merge Configuration with Replacement (BUG?)

    Hello this is Cihan,   we have the use case in merge configurations that we want do a replacement with extended informations like language, typ, priority, customer and so on.   But this detailed configurat...
    Cihan Ünsal
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  • Lock field for editing dynamically

    Hello all,   I was wondering if we can lock a field for editing in PIM dynamically. The use case is something like this. Say a field called Long Description has been determined as having the correct value, there...
    Shiva Bharamareddi
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  • Merge with REST API - Characteristic Issue

    Hi all,   I'm trying to run a mass merge on all supplier catalogs.   I used to be able to do this by sending a simple curl command, but since updating to v8.1, I'm getting the following warning:   "M...
    Russ Alexander
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  • Merge 2 Items with same GTIN from Supplier Catalog to Single Record in Master

    Hi, For the topics below, Merge: Customizing the Master Article Finder   According to this documentation topic, the code has been added and executed. However what I found is, that it is executed only when the...
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  • Extend merge/import

    We want to make a customization that checks if an item identifier exists in the supplier catalog when we execute an import. This warning should be made before the merge to the master catalog. We don't want to merge th...
    Monica Olsson
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  • Data Load in PIM through ETL

    Hi Team,   May I know the process to load data in PIM through ETL. Which are the Target tables in PIm from ETL side. If any API is being used to achieve this.If Yes then list of such APIs
    Raman Srivastava
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  • When trying to merge items containing Characteristics..not merging the values

    When I want to try to merge items containing characteristics and their values, the merge is not sending the values to the master catalog. Even when the merge setting is telling the merge to replace and not to ignore....
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  • PIM Integration with IDQ for match & merge operation

    Hi,     Our customer has INFA IDQ solution and also is looking for a PIM solution too. Product information is coming from different channels such as Suppliers, Excels, Web Channel, Studio (Product picture ...
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  • Item workflow - master copy vs working copy

    Hi !   How can I keep a golden copy of item (w/o unapproved changes) until the changes on the item are approved?   My usecase is, a requester user will trigger a workflow (ActiveVOS + PIM BPM) on an item a...
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  • Merge attributes per structure system

    Hi everyone,   Is there any way to merge items from a supplier catalog to a master catalog and only include the attributes for one structure system? I've tried setting the merge settings for Item - Attributes -...
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  • Transaction Management in PIM

    Hi All,   We are working in Product 360 and we have a requirement wherein we have to maintain the transaction management. We have created a client plugin which updates data in Article Structure Map Sub entity a...
    vsingh2005 singh
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  • Merge item and set automatic to a product

    Hey Folks, I have an Excel Sheet with item's wich I want to merge in PIM. This works well, but the item is not set to a product. So, how can I do this, that I can set a new item automaticly to a product (product-sho...
    Christian Ernst
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  • Informatica PIM Rich Client Issue

    Hi All,   Use Case: We are using Informatica PIM version. We have one PIM server running in some time zone. There are multiple users who are using PIM using PIM rich client. These users are running...
    vsingh2005 singh
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