• Sort articles when assigned to structure group

    I have the requirement to maintain the sort order of items in a web catalog. The web catalog is implemented with a structure system.   I would like to control the order of items when assigned to a structure gro...
    Roberto Arreghini
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  • How to: Increment system date by 1 day in Informatica P360 Import Function?

    Hi All,   My question is regarding Import Function available in Informatica P360 8.1. We have a use case where when a certain condition passes, we need to populate "SYSDATE + 1" in of the date column during Impo...
    Anurag Chourasia
    created by Anurag Chourasia
  • Hotfolder configurations migration to higher environment in Informatica P360

    Hi All,   I have configured Hotfolder groups for 6 different sources with their corresponding hotfolder configurations in PIM Desktop. Please let me how can I migrate the changes to higher environment.   T...
    Samim Admed
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  • How to configure the Media Auto Assignment?

    Hello,   We want to create a flow to auto assign media files that are having same name as the PIM Item No we want to map to. The media files we will receive into a specific folder into the server.   Right...
    Bogdan Dan Biu
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  • System user No permission

    Hi,   we have some problems with permission searching item on SDK in preimportstep.   I set the permissions for each characteristics that I have created on PIM 10.1; the permission are set in readonly only...
    Alex _
    created by Alex _
  • Adding new dependency & updating existing for new plugin creation

    Hi Experts,   SBeutler, sreinhardt, dwalter, Ralph81, danielmolinski   I am working on a custom plugin using preimportstepfunction to unzip a 7z file when it comes to hofolder. My code works in general bu...
    Vaishali Ahlawat
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  • Unzipping files Plugin ?

    Hi Experts,   We have data coming in from one source in hotfolder in zip format but PIM does not accept .zip extension, my requirement is to unzip the file and then import the xmls present. Could anyone please ...
    Vaishali Ahlawat
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  • Error in client log for custom import function plugn

    !ENTRY com.cat.custom.import.function 4 0 2021-02-04 18:03:51.045 !MESSAGE FrameworkEvent ERROR !STACK 0 org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not resolve module: com.cat.custom.import.function [14] Unresolved req...
    Robyn Marowitz
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  • Use of priority field for media assets

    Hi all,   I'm wondering; how does everyone use the priority qualifier for media assets in PIM? Once you enable it in the repository, you can add multiple assets with the same type, which is great because you no...
    Kaemingk Support
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  • French language support in P360

    Hi   Is it possible to load French language data through manual import in pim p360 tool ? If yes , any parameters needed to be added in any configuration files ? Please let me know , if there are any docx or ...
    Piyush Parhi
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  • What should be the value for Record Key we should pass while importing characteristics values against Item via manual import?

    Hello All,   I am trying to load characteristics values against an Item via Import and can see that record key is one of the mandatory field in order to complete Import.   In DB tables I can see values ar...
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  • PIM 10.1 "Unexpected internal error" during Import

    The PIM version has recently been updated to version 10.1. Initially the files were imported correctly but, during the impor process, the following error started to show up after a while...   (Importing Product...
    Vittorio Ventimiglia
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  • Create import function to delete Article Reference   Useful addition for importing article-article references: an import function that can delete article references I have managed to create a FieldPath to locate a reference from an article and setLo...
    DTGroup Support
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  • Import perspective showing -1 date and loading incorrectly

    Hi All,   In PIM v8.1.1.05, when feed file is opened in excel, date is showing properly in mm/dd/yyyy (12/3/2020) format. But when its loaded into rich client the format changes to yyyy-mm-dd  (12-02-2020)...
    Debopriya Roy
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  • HOW TO: Import sequence data for structure group assignment between item and structure group by structure

    Hi,   how can I import sequence data structure group assignment for items and variants and products?   I see that there is the ArticleStructureGroupMap.ArticleDisplayOrder but I'm not able to see this fiel...
    Alex _
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  • Single import mapping/configuration for multiple supplier catalogs

    Hi,   This seems like surely this capability should exist in PIM, but does it? It seems I have to specify a catalog for each import mapping and configuration. In our setting that means I'd need to build 500 iden...
    Neeme Loorits
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  • How to disable unwanted entities population in the Import?

    Hi Experts,   Recently we have done the platform migration from PIM V10 to V10.1 and while testing we found that few unwanted entities are displayed in the Import perspective.I do not want to populate the unwant...
    Spidy 2406
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  • Trigger import completed and retrive logs

    Hi,   how is the API that can I use for retrive all logs writed on import job through activevos?   After the import is completed, I'll trigger Activevos in order to retrive the reportId and get all logs f...
    Alex _
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  • Import Structure Groups, auto identifier

    We would like to populate a structure system through import, but we would like the autonumbering of the Structure Group identifier to be used. Is this possible in the import somehow? Since its an identifier, we can't ...
    Daniel Forsén
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  • How to call windows batch script on the completion of Hotfolder import?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to call a windows batch script after the Hotfolder import completion? I am using PIM version 8.1. If yes then could you please share some info on the same? We are also planning to migrat...
    Hardik Patel
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