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Informatica MDM – Product 360 10.1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.

Within the same year and after launching the major release of 10.0 we are proud to bring the next key set of innovations to our customers. Informatica MDM - Product 360 10.1 comes with a rich set of new capabilities to further help you deliver more effective product content to customers across digital channels. While delivering a huge number of features towards business user experience, an equal amount of new possibilities can be found in the underlying platform services and supported use cases for enterprise scalability. We hope you enjoy this release and all the great new things that come with it.

This release includes the following main innovations:

  • The completely revamped web user interface, including new capabilities to bring user experience to the next level.
    A bright and fresh appearance has been introduced for the Product 360 Web UI. This revised look and feel not only creates a new experience but also improves productivity and user guidance by highlighting which fields are editable, improving the visual correlation between elements, and many more visual enhancements.
  • Automated content enrichment with AI-driven product classification using the CLAIRE recommendation service
    With the CLAIRE recommendation services accelerator, it is now possible to follow a machine learning approach to automatically classify product data into structured groups. The accelerator comes ready built and doesn't require complex manual tuning to get you started. All that's needed is to generate a model from within Product 360 that consists of existing products to structure group relationships. The model can then be used to auto-suggest or directly classify new product records.
  • Deep visibility into data changes and history with the next-generation audit trail component to democratize data for users
    The history of data is a crucial asset for many users in various roles. An easy to understand visualization for historic data has been introduced including history views for granular tracing of data changes on object level and a revert functionality to bring back previous values. With that, the audit trail architecture has been transformed to the next level leveraging a lightweight document storage using Elasticsearch. Resulting into an increased performance while hardware requirements shrink down.
  • New Object API component allowing read access to complete product records by a single call
    The Object API significantly improves the performance in integration scenarios requiring the full data of a single item by leveraging the use of in-memory caches optimized for single item retrieval. The perfect addition to the API stack for real-time data integration scenarios.
  • Swagger UI (OpenAPI) to provide a visual user interface when working with the APIs of Product 360
    A dedicated Swagger UI utility that translates in-detail the full capabilities of the List API as well as the Management API. It offers a complete suite for interacting with these resources and their operations, thereby increasing productivity in implementations. Business users and workflow designers can quickly adopt by interacting with the visually rendered auto-generated OpenAPI specification which includes all repository-specific parameters.
  • Enhanced batching of high data load operations to significantly boost performance in enterprise deployments and setups
    With the 10.0 release already the message queue communication for DQ rule executions and BPM intercommunication has been introduced to increase system robustness in high load scenarios. This has been enhanced to also include the support of batching for DQ and merge processes now, to further improve performance, especially in mass data and high load operation scenarios.


In addition, various improvements in the area of business user experience, as well as many other features and enhancements, have been included in this release, please review the release notes for details.


Release Notes: Introduction to MDM - Product 360 10.1