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Informatica MDM – Product 360 8.1.1 HotFix 4 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


The release includes the following:

  • Database
    • Version and Configuration
      The database version handling has been simplified and reflects the PAM in a much better way: the parameter com.heiler.ppm.version.server/version.dbms.MSSQL2008 has been removed from the plugin.customization.ini and all the corresponding .template.MSSQL20xx and .template.ORAxxx template files have been unified and refactored into the file.
    • Connection Pool
      The underlying connection pool implementation has been changed, it is now possible to configure pool overflow handling which means that the size of the connection pool will be automatically adjusted if necessary.
    • Configuration of available database CPUs
      The configuration file contains a new parameter where the amount of available database CPUs (i.e. the amount of CPU cores dedicated to Product 360) can be configured.
    • Parallel query execution
      Loading data in Product 360 usually requires the use of several queries from different tables, e.g. when loading data fields "Item no." and "Short Description".
      The new fragment implementation will now automatically execute the separate queries in parallel threads which greatly improves data access performance throughout the entire application.


  • Reporting Framework
    • Internal reporting Framework
      The internal reporting framework handles all data access requests and has been enhanced with a new caching mechanism.


  • Micrometer Integration
    • Micrometer
      ( has been added as the preferred metrics provider. In addition to the metrics currently available via JMX there are new metrics available exclusively through Micrometer.
      While new implementations will provide Micrometer metrics (e.g. the new connection pool implementation), existing metric implementations will be subsequently converted to Micrometer with upcoming releases.


  • Operation
    • GC Threads and Logging
      The setting GC_THREADS has been removed from the _environment.conf file because the G1 Garbage Collector has a proper algorithm to set the optimal amount of GC threads automatically.
      Product 360 Server logs the Java garbage collector (GC) activities by default. This helps to identify an unhealthy system and causes only minimal overhead to the overall system performance.
    • JMX Logging
      Product 360 Server now has the capability to audit operation executing originating from JMX (e.g. using jconsole or VisualVM), the corresponding category has been added to the log4j.xm
    • OSGi Logging
      The OSGi log file (OSGi is the underlying framework of the Product 360 Server) is not being placed in the workspace folder anymore.


  • Identifier Generator
    • Identifier Generator
      The identifier generator will now use a database sequence called SEQ_IdentifierGenerator in the MAIN schema.


  • Media Assets
    • Define JVM initialization options for native modules
      In the system parameter window of the Administration module it is possible to define JVM initialization options for native modules.
      Using this there is a way to set
      e.g. the option -Dcom.sun.jndi.ldap.object.disableEndpointIdentification=true.
    • Replace tooltip with popup to show preview for image table cell
      The tooltip behavior for images in the Web UI has been changed so users should now click the image cell instead of hovering. A popup window is then opened to show the corresponding image preview for more details and an additional zoom function is provided as well.


  • Product 360 Web Search
    • Multivalue fields are supported on Product 360 Web Search
      Multivalue fields can be used to search and to filter with facets. It is assumed that a multivalue field has to be set as '_multivalue_' in the repository (upper-bound property is set to -1).


  • Product 360 Web
    • JavaScript library update
      The JavaScript library jQuery has been updated from version 1.12.1 to 3.4.1. If  an older jQuery dependent library is used, jquery.migrate-3 will be used to ensure to be compatible with the older jQuery library.


  • 3rd Party Software
    • ActiveMQ
      An updated ActiveMQ installation package is available in the Product 360 3rd party archive.


In addition, several bug fixes were included in this release, please review the release notes for details.


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