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The release includes the following:


  • Workflow

Enhanced the callback payload for workflow tasks. When a workflow task is finished, also the data from the corresponding ProcessStatusEntry entity will be transmitted to the workflow engine

  • New field IsOriginWorflow in the Task table

The new field IsOriginWorkflow has been added to the table “Task”. This field is a marker if the workflow task has been initially created by the workflow.

  • Media Asset New Action rights to download media asset file (or derivate)
    There are two new action rights in the right group “Document management” introduced.
  • Media Asset ImageMagick
    The used ImageMagick type has changed. The portable version of ImageMagick is used now instead of the installed version.
    ImageMagick is shipped with the P360 Media Manager Funcd package.
  • Media Asset – Database update
    It is no longer necessary to authenticate with the Media Manager administrator user before starting an update for the MediaManager database
  • Export of test fields in HTML and XML files

EscapeValue function can be used to prevent XSS attacks.

  • Runtime

With Java version 8.181 and higher, a new Java security mechanism is active by default

  • Supplier Portal:

Support to use the Import Settings of an Import-Mapping. It is now possible to add a privacy page and custom pages
to the supplier portal home page

  • Repository – escape values in 1:n field types of type String
    Now it is possible to use semicolons in field of 1:n field types.
  • Service API – fixed behavior for 1:n field types
    In the past, when having a 1:1-field based on a 1:N-field type, the field value was returned with square brackets in Service API. This is now fixed.
  • New Preferences for Richtext fields
    The setting com.heiler.ppm.richtext.server/richtext-html-cleaner is introduced in plugin_customuzation.ini. If set to true, all rich text fields will be cleared of HTML tags or attributes not mentioned in the white list.
  • Web Detail Tab Definition:
    If the fielddefinition attribute 'refreshOnClick' is set to 'true', then the content of detail tab will be refreshed on each time you click into it.


In addition, a number of bug fixes were included in this release, please review the release notes for details.


Informatica MDM - Product 360 version 8.1.1 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM – Product 360 version 8.1.1 HotFix 1


You can download the Hotfixes from here.