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Informatica MDM – Product 360 8.1.0 HotFix 2 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


The release includes the following:


  • SAML Authentication with LDAP improvements:

In case a user is authenticated during SAML login and there is also an LDAP configuration in place, the user will be synchronized with the data stored in the LDAP.

  • Supplier Portal:

Configurable redirect to Supplier 360 after logout and timeout

Support to use the Import Settings of an Import-Mapping

  • MediaAsset:

Changed possible values for media asset document derivatives (from Informatica Media Manager)


In addition, a number of bug fixes were included in this release, please review the release notes for details.


If you have questions, please contact the Informatica Support.


Informatica MDM – Product 360 8.1.0 HotFix 2 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM – Product 360 8.1.0 HotFix 2


You can download the Hotfixes from here.

Informatica introduces the latest evolution of its product information management application:


Informatica MDM - Product 360 (Version 8.1.1)


Informatica's strategy is to strengthen the leading position of our Multidomain MDM solution for consolidating all master data domains and leveraging the potential of relationship insights across that data. Informatica wants to provide the most flexibility to our customers allowing them to adapt to future needs. For that, Informatica offers trusted master data fuelled applications for dedicated use cases, industries, and roles. One important use case is around enabling collaboration for new product introduction across all channels. Product information management is a mature and important discipline within Master Data Management.


Product 360 leverages the full power and capabilities of the Intelligent Data Platform and provides a unified user experience, built-in data quality engine, business process management, search and metadata, all inherited from the MDM architecture it's built on. This allows Informatica customers to start smart and grow fast, making it easy to adapt to both market changes and the competitive landscape.


Product 360 8.1.1 continues to deliver innovations to support your use cases. The key innovations are:


Cloud Edition and infrastructural improvements

Improvement of high availability, enhanced security and monitoring capabilities through all Product 360 components

Compare view

Speed-up time to value and discover insights with easy to use comparisons of products - across versions, products, or catalogs

Import of MIME Characteristic values

Enrich characteristic values with media assets - now easily importable through the import functionality and the web service API

Enhanced Supplier 360 integration

Improve collaboration with your suppliers using Product 360 together with Supplier 360 - now supporting the Broker use case and tasks for external parties in Supplier 360


Informatica MDM - Product 360 Version 8.1.1 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM - Product 360 Version 8.1.1


Note: To download this version, please open a shipping case.