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Informatica PIM 7.1 HotFix 6 fixes several limitations of the product. If you have questions or if something is missing please contact the Informatica Support. Furthermore, this Hotfix provides several add-on features which are listed below:


GDSN Accelerator – 1WorldSync Item Management

  • Import of publication status entries for existing items
  • lookupItemNoByGTIN: This import function returns the item no. of an existing item by given GTIN and catalog.
  • lookupStatusOfIte: This import function returns the status identifier of an existing item by given item no. and catalog.

Reporting framework

  • The PIM internal reporting framework has been refactored in several ways to greatly improve list access performance.


  • There's a new import function that returns the item no. of an item by given GTIN and catalog: lookupItemNoByGTIN


  • The handling of the field attribute value (max) got changed in case of exporting features or feature values. It will be formatted and converted in the feature unit from now on.
  • It is possible to show the used objects of an export in case it was executed with the context menu "Generate immediate export" or "Send to supplier exchange" and used a static list as an assortment.


  • Structure preset values without name showing default identifier


  • Overwriting article attribute values with structure group feature values honors multi-value attributes

PIM Desktop

  • There is a new edit control for all Date/Time fields. It appears in all table- or form-views once the user wants to edit a field which is defined in the repository as a "date/time" field.
  • There is a new menu in all article-based views which appears if the view loads the content for a specific query.

Media Asset

  • No more shared folder from media manager

User Management

  • Additive Field and Qualified Field permissions

Data Quality

  • New Service API Endpoint  allow synchronous DQ rule execution
  • Performance improvements by parallel execution


Existing tasks can now be assigned to another user or to another user group

Release Notes: Informatica MDM - Product 360

PAM for Product Information Management HotFix 6

You can download the HotFixes from here.