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Product360: Web UI


  • URL access to a static list of items: This feature allows to easily generate and use URLs that open Web UI with a predefined set of items, products or variants.
  • Expandable transition fields in Field Selection dialog: P360 is able now to show contents of transition fields like in the P360 Desktop. Filter the main table by date fields: If a user wants to filter the main table by a date value it is now possible to use a date picker control.
  • Switch between Structure Systems in Classification template for Flexible UI: The widget to present the Structure System in a flexible UI has been enhanced with a new parameter which allows to switch between the Structure Systems available for object classification.
  • Automatic selection of Structure System and Group from last user session: The Structures perspective as well as the Classification menu now remember the last selected system and group of a user after re-login.


Product360: Informatica BPM Integration

  • Failsafe handling of REST calls to Informatica BPM: REST messages to be sent to BPM can now be persisted in a JMS message queue in case the BPM service is not available. If the JMS queue itself is not available or not configured, a limited amount of messages is buffered in memory, in order to provide a minimal failsafe strategy.


  • Notification of BPM outage: During an outage of BPM the user is informed about the unavailability of BPM via a popup dialog. When the user is finishing work on entities of workflow tasks or completing standard tasks involved in a workflow process, a popup appears. In order to avoid that the user is informed again about the unavailable during the same downtime, the user can enable the option “Do no longer inform until problem occurs again.”


Informatica MDM - Product 360 - 8.0.02 - Release Notes (English)

PAM for Product Information Management 8.0 HotFix 2

You can download the HotFixes from here.