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Informatica MDM – Product360 8.0 Hotfix 1 fixes several limitations of the product as well as provides new extension abilities for projects.

Furthermore this Hotfix provides several add-on features which are listed briefly below. Please take a look in the release notes to get more details.


Product360 - Data Quality


  • New DQ rule "Check_Equal"
  • Differentiation between Standard and Custom Rule Configurations
  • Multiselection in the Data quality configuration view
  • Cut, Copy & Paste for Data Quality Rule Configurations
  • Cloning Data Quality Rule Configurations
  • Hiding Data Quality Rule Configurations

Product360 - GDSN Accelerator: 1WorldSync Item Management

  • New Data Quality Rule and Rule Configurations
  • Publication status: possibility to see the history of publication status entries (PIM Desktop)
  • Automatic calculation of the "Volume" (PIM Desktop and PIM Web)

Product360 - Media Asset: New Feature: Assignment to multiple selected structure groups i

Product360 – Dashboard: New Pie Chart Widget




Product360 - Flex UI enhancements

  • The flexible UI can now be accessed also without the context of a task. This can be done by using the Action Menu in Web UI and works for products, variants and items in any main table.

URL access to flexible UI with predefined dataset

  • Now the flexible Web UI can be accessed without creating a task via an URL. The URL should contain all necessary entities specified. The syntax is very similar to the REST functionality.

New "Open Flex UI" action menu item

  • A new "Open Flex UI" action menu item was introduced. It is visible only in Item, Product and Variant views. It opens the selected items in a flexible UI template. When clicked, the item generates an URL and uses it to open the Flex UI in a new browser tab. The URL depends on the view where the item was clicked. The URL could be copy-pasted and reused again.

Mass-edit flex component header

  • This feature allows in Flex UI to have multi-selection of objects and update a field (like "Status") for all of them at once.
  • Upload and delete media assets of Media Flex UI


Product 360 - Control Center


Update mechanism

  • The update mechanism via Control Center has been enhanced. EBF's and Accelerator packs can be applied now. See the installation guide to see all changes.

Configuration tab - Configuration files can be changed and saved inside Control Center.

JMX(Beta) tab


In a first experimental try, we visualized all JMX telemetry data inside Control Center. This helps analyzing and monitoring the system and detect performance issues.

Product 360 - SDK


The SDK help plugin now contains a consolidated developer documentation, directly available within Eclipse. It consists of Knowledge base, Installation & operation guide, Customizing guide, API Reference, JavaDocs and Extension point documentation.


Informatica MDM - Product360 - 8.0.01 - Releasenotes (English)

PAM for Product Information Management 8.0 HotFix 1

You can download the HotFixes from here.