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Informatica PIM 7.1 Hotfix 4 fixes several limitations of the product as well as provides new extension abilities for projects.Please contact the Informatica Support if you plan to install that Hotfix. Furthermore this Hotfix provides several add-on features which are listed below.


PIM Desktop

Additional Language Packs

  • Italian and Korean Country Packs have been added and can from now on be added on to the license of Informatica PIM.


Informatica Data Quality Integration

  • Support of multiple languages for error messages of the standard DQ rule package



Different Values for Boolean Attributes if you work in Cumulative and single selection

  • Boolean attribute values are no longer formatted in the views since this is error prone and has to be implemented in several places. Boolean attribute Values are stored in the database as 0 or 1. In the UI however, the user wants to see the label "Yes" or "No" in the qualified language.

Compare View

The compare view has been enhanced in several ways:

  • The elements in the tree will display an icon for categories, entities and for logical key fields
  • Entities will now also display their logical key values (including tool tip), e.g. "Attribute (Color)"
  • Logical key fields are now always on top


Merge compare view

  • The "Show only differences" filter in the merge compare view now only compares the current base master catalog item with the simulated to-be-merged master catalog item.
  • By ignoring the supplier item in that case, the view will be an accurate preview how the master item will look after the merge.



Sort order of fields in import perspective and merge settings

  • There is a new setting for the import perspective to sort the fields in the repository view just like the field selection dialog (categories are sorted by repository order, field names are sorted by display name). This behavior is inactive by default and can be activated in the plugin_customization.ini. There is also a new setting for the merge settings to sort the fields just like the field selection dialog (field names are sorted by display name). This behavior is inactive by default and can be activated in the plugin_customization.ini.


Integration of Mozilla browser for the RichText-Editor

  • To solve a lot of issues in RichText-Editor area, which were caused by the defective integration of the Internet Explorer in SWT, another browser component will be used for the RichText-Editor: XULRunner.


Export of article type based attributes and features

  • The default behavior of the export can get changed for attribute and feature submodules with new preferences. Those are responsible for the conversion of attribute and feature values with numeric datatypes. It is now possible to define if an attribute values should be converted in a numeric value of the client locale. Furthermore it's possible to define if there should be a thousand separator in the attribute or feature values.


Classification: Overwriting of attribute values

  • When classifying items/products to a structure group, by default structure group attribute values in whole (which means first value, second value, display order and reserved fields) are now only written to the article attribute, if the first value is not empty and if the corresponding article attribute first value is empty.


PIM Supplier Portal

Release of Total Supplier Relationship Application

  • The Total Supplier Relationship application enables the supply chain, sourcing, and buying teams to centralize and streamline the end-to-end process of managing supplier relationships and inventory. It also fuels applications with clean, consistent, and connected supplier or vendor information.
  • The Total Supplier Relationship application is based on Informatica MDM and allows to combine the Supplier data domain with the product data domain. Informatica PIM Supplier Portal can be used as integral part of the overall solution. For more information about the application please visit

PIM Server


JPA / Hibernate logging

There is now a new UdaAppender in the log4j.xml which can be used to log the executed HQL/SQL queries and the stored procedure calls.

  • Setting org.hibernate.SQL to TRACE will log the SQL statements generated by Hibernate
  • Setting UDA to TRACE will log the HQL statements generated by PIM
  • Setting UDA to TRACE and db.default.debug.show_sql to true in the file will log the stored procedure calls

The new created log file is named .uda.log.


Log events via email

  • There is a new MailAppender in the log4j.xml of the PIM server which can send the corresponding log events via email.
  • Depending on the configuration, the email can also include a zip file containing all log files from the PIM server's log folder.
  • All mails will be sent using the PIM server's mail service which can be configured in the file. By default, the MailAppender is not active.


UpdateTasksJob and CheckTaskEscalatedJob

  • The scheduler for both jobs have been adjusted, they now expect a cron expression instead of a simple millisecond repeat interval.
  • Default plugin_customation.ini entries default to daily at 24 hours for the UpdateTasksJob resp. a 2 hours repeat interval for the CheckTaskEscalatedJob.


Informatica PIM - 7.1.04 - Release Notes (English)

PAM for PIM 7.1 HotFix 4