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Informatica PIM 7.1 Hotfix 3 fixes several limitations of the product as well as provides some new add-on features.

Please contact the Informatica Support if you plan to install the Hotfix.


Map referenced data types to input ports

  • It is now possible to map fields of referenced data types to data quality input ports. The field selection dialog contains entries pointing to other root data types which can be used to navigate to its fields.
  • This functionality enables for example to create a rule for the prices of an item that also incorporates the prices of its referenced items:




Export of article type based attributes and features

  • Since PIM 7.0 attribute and feature values are saved as 0 or 1 while maintain them over the PIM.
  • Due to this, the behavior of the export has been changed for attribute and feature submodules. There’s an additional preference which is responsible for the conversion of attribute/feature values with the datatype 'logical value' into the language specific boolean label. This conversion result looks the same as the values showing in the PIM UI. By default the preference is true.



Assortment filtering in search

With PIM 7.1.03 it is possible to add an assortment filter to the PIM item search, which restricts the search result to those items matching the search criteria AND contained in the provided assortment. The assortment filter has been added to the search parameter object, meaning that it is persisted when a search is saved. Same applies for product and variant search.


Supplier Portal

Auto-delete mechanism for already deleted files

Data uploaded through the Supplier Portal is physically stored on the Supplier Portal Web Server before it is send to the PIM Server for import. The storage of such files is now temporary and by a configuration property it is possible to set the time frame the file should be available on the web server before it gets deleted.

Setting can be found under "removeOldImportFiles.productFiles.olderThan"


Supplier Administrator role can now be switched between different Supplier Users

As a Supplier Administrator or Portal Administrator a user may now be able to assign the role of the Administrator user for a specific Supplier Organization to another user. The settings and properties on whether a Supplier Administrator or a Portal Administrator is allowed to change the Administrator is defined in the


Access timeline entry directly from the import report

Since this version it is possible to directly access the timeline thread of an import from any test run or import report dialog directly via a link.


Release Notes: