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Informatica PIM 7.1 Hotfix 2 fixes several limitations of the product as well as provides some new add-on features.

New export function EnumerationKey

With PIM 7.1.02 there is a new export function that returns the key of an enumeration value instead of the labels.




Display different entities in structure context in the main table

It is possible to switch between the entities displayed in the main table. Products, variants, items or structure groups can be selected via drop down menu.


Variants and items can be classified

The classification of single variants and items is possible now (not products only). As well as known for products, the user can decide whether he wants to classify the variants/items via drag and drop or use the classification action menu.


Allow classification in supplier catalogs

The user can classify items in/of supplier catalogs in PIM Web now. Classification can be done via drag and drop or using the classification action menu.


Filtering of rich text fields

Filtering of rich text fields above the main table was implemented in PIM Web.



Define error levels for export functions

A new functionality has been added to define the error level of export functions. Now it is possible to define which event of an export function should be displayed as an error or warning in the export log and which event should be ignored. This improves the clarity of the export logs while providing more relevant information.


Please contact the Informatica Support if you plan to install that Hotfix.

See the Release Notes here.

You can download the Hotfix from here.

PAM for Product Information Management 7.1 Hotfix 2.