• ActiveVOS installation - Configuration Wizard Error

    Hi All, I am trying to install ActiveVOS but during the configuration wizard run i am getting the error. I have followed the below steps and attached the error details. 1. Installed the activeVOS server 2.In the Ac...
    Spidy 2406
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  • Getting error 400, 500 when accessing ActiveVOS

    Hello Everyone, I am facing error 400 and 500 with some URL's in the ActiveVOS. Please find the screenshots and URL's in them for more information.     NOTE: I am using ActiveVOS and it is a standalo...
    varri bhargav
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  • ActiveVOS Designer Installation error

    Hi All, I am trying to install ActiveVOS designer on my local laptop. But i am facing the error in the last step as " Error: The following ports are in use:8005" It is the admin port. So, which port i should use here...
    Spidy 2406
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  • Not able to access PIM REST services from AVOS

    HI Experts,   Trying to call PIM REST services from AVOS workflow for uploading files to PIM Shared location.   We have a workflow which accepts File as attachment this works fine in ActiveVOS , however wh...
    Sunil Sahoo
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  • ActiveVOS Can be used for P360 without MDM

    Hello Everyone, I am installing ActiveVOS only for P360 and don't want it to be integrated with the MDM hub. As per the MDM 10.4 PAM, it supports ActiveVOS and as per the P360 10.0 PAM, it supports A...
    varri bhargav
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  • ActiveVOS 9.0 Data Sources

    ActiveVOS 9.0 Data Sources
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Unable to expand Project and Project Reference services

    I am new to ActiveVos , I am a trying to create a process through lab guide wherein am stuck at this point-- Project and Project reference services. I am trying to expand to select one under the folder I have created....
    Hannah Tamalapakula
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  • Installing ActiveVOS using Microsoft JDBC driver doesn't work

    Hi Experts,   I have faced this many times.  I'm missing something.   When we click on config deploy file, in the step where we provide jdbc driver, I'm forced to use JTDS driver to be able to click o...
    Sofiane Hammami
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  • Scheduled Database Deletes is inconsistent, expected 1 purge plan but found 2

    In our server log we're seeing the following warning Warning System Engine 3LINDEN40ANode02,JacadaServer2 Scheduled Database Deletes is inconsistent, expected 1 purge plan but found 2   What does it mean an...
    Dula Taddese
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  • need BECommonMDM.bpr, BEMDMWorkflow.bpr

    hi Team,   Can you please share the link to download BECommonMDM.bpr, BEMDMWorkflow.bpr . I don't have the resourcekit deployed , so don't have the files to be deployed.   Thanks,
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  • ActiveVOS Configuration in MDM 10.3

    Hi, I am trying to configure ActiveVOS with Informatica MDM 10.3. Earlier, till 10.2.* , while trying to configure the Identity Service , the Provider type used to be 'MDM'. However, in 10.3, I find that they have ...
    Aparajita Kashyap
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  • How to set cookie for WebService in BPEL

    Hi,   I am new to BPEL process. I need to hit an WSDL which has redirects and Authentication is based on cookie. I tried to in BPEL but got below error message.   Error: com.sun.xml.ws.client.ClientTransp...
    Prasanna Natarajan
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  • Unable to create BPEL process

    Team,   We installed AVOS designer After installation we created orchestration project later while creating BPEL process it throwing error "java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException". Could some one p...
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  • Migrate from AVOS 9.2 to Cloud Application

    Hello, Our application is currently using Informatica ActiveVOS, since the product has entered the Maintenance Mode of its product lifecycle we would like to access the move to Informatica Cloud Application. &...
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  • Java heap space - Out of Memory Error

    Hi,   When I am triggering workflow on item creation event. No process has been started for an item.   Below are my findings when I troubleshoot this issue.   1. AVoS Console is not getting loaded. ...
    Kiran Ruhil
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  • Download and Install ActiveVos Designer

    Hey, I am new to this tool and ActiveVos in general. My team told me I need to get ActiveVos Designer which is license free supposedly. I cannot seem to figure out how to install it/download it. Can someone assist me?...
    Samir Ahmed
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  • Active Vos ear Deployment Issue

    Hi ,   I have installed JBoss and trying to deploy active Vos ear files by running config.deploy(Server\server-enterprise\jboss_config\bin). The build is successful but in JBoss server logs following error is co...
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  • ActiveVOS Implement: Engine-managed Correlation

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  • ActiveVOS Implement: Learn How To Implement an Executable Process with ActiveVOS Designer

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  • ActiveVOS: Central and Forms: Using ActiveVOS Central

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