• How to migrate ActiveVos from one serverbox to another along with task.

    Hi all - As part of the 10.4 upgrades, we are planning to migrate ActiveVos from the older server to a new server along with the tasks. Currently, we are using AVOS for task management for  MDM 10.2  and the...
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  • Email body rendering in html -Human task escalation

    Hi All,   I want to create a deadline and escalate it through email in human activities. Able to generate emails, but email body is accepting only plain text format, I want to render the message in html format. ...
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  • How to maintain a closed and faulted task in ActiveVOS

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  • How to parameterize in ActiveVOS workflows

    Hi All,   Please help me to parameterize URLs and DB connections used in ActiveVOS workflows.   For example, I am using a parameter "Oracle_HPM_Main" whose value is HPM_MAIN_DEV in dev environment while it...
    Vishesh R Simha
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