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We’re happy to announce the availability of the ActiveVOS 9.2.1 release. We’ve recorded an overview session from which you will learn about this release.



  • Support for BPMN’s signal events
  • Screenflow-based Human Task Rendering
  • Performance improvements



ActiveVos 9.2.1 is released and now available for download.



ActiveVOS 9.2.1 includes the following new features:



• Screenflow-based Human Task Rendering

• Support for BPMN’s signal events

• Support for screenflow milestone steps and guide hand off

• New Platform Support



The Release notes contains information about new features and problems fixed in this release



PAM is available for download here.



Installers can be downloaded from the Downloads Section of the Informatica Network Portal.

Informatica Global Customer Support (GCS) is delighted to welcome Active Endpoints customers.

Informatica recognizes that the success of your enterprise depends not only on the strength of our software, but also on superior and timely service and support. Since our February 2013 acquisition of Active Endpoints, we’ve been actively working towards building on the outstanding level of support that Active Endpoints customers have already come to expect in order to offer the added benefits of Informatica’s global support services.

How do I contact Informatica for any product issues?


For any product related issues or details, you can login to Informatica Network portal. Informatica Network portal is a one stop for all of your support needs. To open a case with Informatica Network:


  1. Go to
  2. Click Access eSupport.
  3. Your Online Support (eSupport) page will open in a new window.
  4. You can create a case using the Create Case link under Project Quick Links.

Note: For more information or details on Informatica Network Portal, Online Support, and Informatica Knowledge Base, you can view our demos in the Get Started page within the portal.


What if I do not have a login to Informatica Network Portal or Informatica Online Support?


To register on Informatica Network portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register Now.
  3. You will receive an email within a few minutes with a validation link. Click the link.
  4. The Informatica Network page will be reopened for you to validate.
  5. Once you register, you will have access to Informatica Network and Online Support as well as our Knowledge Base, Product Documentation, Support Statements, Support Videos and numerous other resources within the site.

Note: If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please send a mail to


What happened to the forums in Active Endpoints to discuss issues?


You can continue to discuss your issues from the Discussion section on portal. In Informatica Support Discussion forums, you can create a New Discussion, post on an existing discussion and get responses to your questions on any product issues. Informatica support (Formerly Active Endpoints support) will moderate the discussions. However, for issues that need to be continuously tracked by a support engineer and to adhere to Informatica

Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we recommend you to create a SR through the Online Support.


What are the advantages in creating a Service Request?


Although a Discussion forum in My Support is moderated by Informatica Support, it is purely community (peer) based. We recommend opening a SR for tracking ongoing issues and to get Informatica's commitment to SLAs.



How do I see content only for ActiveVOS or Cloud Extend on My Support as I see content for all Informatica products?


To view content only for ActiveVOS or Cloud Extent products:

  1. After logging in to My Support, click on Manage Product Profile.
  2. In the Manage My Product Profile dialog, under Browse for Products section, expand Process Automation.
  3. Then select ActiveVOS or Cloud Extend and click the right arrow and move the products to the My Products section.
  4. Click Save to save your products.
  5. On the Home page of the portal, select the My Products radio button under View Content For.
  6. The personalized content such as Recent Discussions, Recent Documents, How to Library should be displayed for your selected products.



Can I call Informatica Support for any of my issues?

  • If your issues in not a production down issue or a high-priority (P1) issue, then we recommend contacting support through Informatica Network portal.
  • For P1 or a Production Down issues, you can dial 1-877-InfaHELP in the US or use the following link to find a service center in your region: Informatica Contact Information | Informatica US


How do I update a case that I have opened with the Support?


You can do either of the following to update an existing case:

  • Respond to an email with the case number (SR) in the subject line tosupport@informatica.comand the email will get attached to the SR.
  • You can also view the SR, and update it through the Online Support section of Informatica Network.

Note: You can view our demo on Online Support from the Support Demos section within the Informatica Network portal.


Why am I not able to manage my Contacts from the Online Support?

Only one person can be designated as the primary contact in a Customer Project. If you want to be the primary contact for the project, then create an Admin case (from under the Project Quick Links) through Online Support. Our Support Admin will review the issue and make the changes if warranted. After you are the primary contact you can manage all other contacts on the project.


Where can I get more information about Informatica Support?


Informatica support has a Guide to GCS Services, Policies, and Procedures document that covers most questions you may have. The document is available for all the registered users in the Informatica Network site under the Informatica Guidelines and Services link. Ensure you register with us for a login before accessing the GCS Guide at:


Where can I find product documentation, How Tos and Tech Notes on My Support?

Following are the links to the respective sections:






Note: All ActiveVOS documentation can be accessed from the following links:


How can I get the latest version of the software?

Software that you used to download from, will now be available on My Support under the Downloads section.


You can download this FAQ document from the Attachment section below.