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We’re happy to announce the availability of Informatica ActiveVOS

Multiple security enhancements were made in this release. ActiveVOS uses Struts version 2.5.13, JQuery version 3.3.1, and JQuery UI version 1.12.1.

Important: You might have to act because of the security enhancements. See the release notes for details.

In addition, some defects were fixed.

Sonia Abraham

ActiveVOS resources

Posted by Sonia Abraham Sep 15, 2017

For Informatica ActiveVOS product documentation see the WebHelp.

You have access to the following help sections:

  • Getting Started
  • Designer
  • Designer Sample Orchestration Project
  • Server Installation, Configuration, and Deployment
  • Administration Console
  • Server User Guide
  • APIs, SDKs, and Services
  • Central and ActiveVOS Screenflow
  • Workbench User Guide


For additional information on ActiveVOS see the ActiveVOS Education Center for Developers.

You have access to the following resources:

We’re happy to announce the availability of ActiveVOS version This version fixes a Struts vulnerability as well as several defects identified in the release notes.


If you run ActiveVOS version and are not upgrading to version, a patch for the Struts vulnerability defect is available.


For release notes, see Informatica ActiveVOS Release Notes.

For the Product Availability Matrix (PAM), see PAM for Informatica ActiveVOS

For ActiveVOS product documentation, see the online help.