• Auto-merge button

    Working on a laptop, setting up merge rules and I cannot see the Auto merge buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Tried using an external monitor and still am unable to access the Auto and up and down arrows on t...
    Sandi Snyder
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  • Run multiple sif call

    Hi, is possible to run multiple sif call in parallel on different BO or there are contraindications?   Thanks, Giuseppe
    giuseppe spanò
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  • MDM user password encryption

    We did see that the password user enters on MDM while logging in, and is encrypted when it is stored in the database.   How would we verify, if the passwords are encrypted during transit.
    Kumar Kumar
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  • User Login Info (Informatica MDM Hub Server 10.4 HF2)

    If I'm login to MDM Hub Console successfully, I would like to verify the log file that stores user login info.   Could you please help with log file name & path that stores user login details.   Produc...
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Match rules

    how to create match rules?
    Tejaswini mohite
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  • User logging security

    I'm completely new to MDM.   Can we get evidence of  logging security-related events functionality (e.g., invalid login attempts, password failures)   If yes, Could you please help me with the detaile...
    Kumar Kumar
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  • List of users in MDM

    How to extract list of users & associate groups/roles.   Could you please help.
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Different counts of matches found by same rules in manual vs auto mode

    Hi,   I am getting different counts of matches for same set of rules in a match rule set. First time I set them as auto and second time to manual. But I am getting different counts each time, more in case of man...
    Keshav Krishna
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  • Reject a Manual Merge Task in E360?

    In our MDM 10.4 E360 application, there is a completely flat hierarchy of workers (no "approvers"), so we have configured E360 so that if a Data Steward approves a Manual Merge task, it is automatically approved and s...
    Brian Stephenson
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  • SIP-50122: Cannot create HM-enabled child [Location.CMSLocation] without grandchild [CMSLocationCode]. Add required grandchild to request

    Hi All,   We are getting this error whenever trying to update a record Location . It is saying without CMSLocationCode it cannot create child. But CMSLocationCode is already selected even after that it asking fo...
    Priya Yadav
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  • Where to find changes for 'Mappings' in C_REPOS table?

    Hello All,   Which C_REPOS table can i refer to for getting all the 'Mappings' created from Hub Console?   Appreciate the quick help.   Regards, Abhishek.
    Abhishek Patel
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  • How to add external jar in the user exits

    Hi, i need to call sif api not included into the UserExitSifClient  how i can add an external jar to resolve this error  java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.informatica.mdm.bpm2.be.BPMHelper?   Thanks ...
    giuseppe spanò
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  • Edit Access MDM 10.4 HF2 IDD

    Hi,   We have installed 10.4 HF2 and are using IDD data view. After providing all, privilege's in Resource Manager, even a admin user is not able to Edit the records.   Any suggestions on enabling the edit...
    Bipin RajalingamS
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  • Too many Manual merges

    Hi All, In my current project we have loaded a huge initial load but have not started the delta load process for MDM. We have received too many manual merge recommendation and it will be very hard for the data stewar...
    Sanchit Sharma
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  • Can we overwrite the MDM default behavior of cell value survivorship after merge

    Hello Everyone , This is for records from same source system . I have a requirement in my project where we need to retain the cell value for one of the field for winning Row Id object. But as per MDM behavior someti...
    Priyanka Bhardwaj
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  • Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2021-1 is Now Available

    Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2021-1, an intelligent Customer Data Platform for customer engagement, has been released to shipping and is available immediately.  Customer 360 Insights (C360i) powers digital ...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • How to Configure IDQ Cleanse Function in MDM

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • Migrating MDM 10.4 to oracle RAC server

    Hello Currently, we have MDM 10.4 installed with an Oracle x86 server (data + metadata) We would like to migrate the database server to  new Oracle RAC server without reinstalling the product and the process is...
  • Role Automation Tool in MDM 10.4

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    Arun Som
    created by Arun Som
  • Files to be deleted from tmp

    Hi,   I have over 50GB of files in the /hub/cleanse/tmp. Can i safely delete files from this folder? Do i need to retain these files? If so what files and how long it needs to be retained?   Any suggestion...
    Arun Kumar
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