Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2021-1 HotFix 1, an intelligent Customer Data Platform for customer engagement, has been released to shipping and is available immediately. 


Customer 360 Insights (C360i) powers digital transformation initiatives with its enhanced personalized marketing and deep analytics functionalities that connect and enrich customer data for a contextual, 360-degree view.


This release offers a rich set of features and usability enhancements that will benefit marketing and implementation teams. The details are as follows:


Foundation for Analytics Performance Enhancements: Foundation for Analytics feature enables Data Analysts and Data Scientists to embed AI/ML models to predict insights on customers. With this release, the performance of the feature has been improved to scale. Large volumes of data can now be ingested to execute predictive analytics without latencies.

LDAP Authentication for RTS: In the earlier releases RTS authentication was supported natively. With this release, RTS is now enabled for LDAP Authentication. 

Optional Output Handlers: In Enrichment configurations, the Output Handlers are made optional for the Functions that handle the output internally.

Bug Fixes: In this Hot-Fix release, open bugs have been fixed. Please refer to the Known and Fixed limitations for detailed reports.

Log4j vulnerability is addressed in 2021-1-HF-1.


In addition, many other features and enhancements have been included in this release. You can refer to the Customer 360 Insights Release Guide for the details.

Release Notes:


PAM for Customer 360 Insights 2021-1 HF1


You can download the Hotfixes from here.