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Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2021-1, an intelligent Customer Data Platform for customer engagement, has been released to shipping and is available immediately. 

Customer 360 Insights (C360i) powers digital transformation initiatives with its enhanced personalized marketing and deep analytics functionalities that connect and enrich customer data for a contextual, 360-degree view.

This release offers a rich set of features and usability enhancements that will benefit marketing and implementation teams. The details are as follows:

  • OOTB Aggregation Insights: Administrators/Configurators can now create aggregation insights without having to create an Enrichment function. This productivity enhancement lets admins create insights by selecting input attributes, aggregate function (10 functions including Count, Sum, Average, Max, Min, First, Last, Unique, Unique Count, Most Frequent), conditions/filters (just like SQL), and output attributes for persistence.
  • Customer Segmentation: Marketers can now collaborate on segments by sharing them with other marketers. A marketer who is sharing a segment can define the control for view, edit and stamp.
  • Segment Stamping: Marketers can now schedule stamping as a one-time or continuous activity. The stamping can also be scheduled to be auto-deactivated, thus reducing the need for manual deactivation. The performance improvement now enables marketers to stamp a segment with millions of customers.
  • Foundation for Analytics Enhancements: Data Engineers or Administrators need not configure Input and Output Transformers anymore for generating Insights using AIML models. This enables Data Engineers to quickly configure AIML models. Admin can also configure the Insights to be run in NRT (Near Real-Time) mode. In this release, we introduced filters for Source Records to configure the Insights on records ingested from specific sources. Data Engineers can also order the insights to be executed in the sequence required to generate the dependent insights.
  • Config UI Enhancements: Enrichments can now be easily identified using the description field that has been enabled in Configuration UI. The OOTB Enrichment functions are decoupled on the attributes on which they are executed. This empowers Administrators / Configurators to reuse the enrichment functions on custom input and output attributes.
  • License Validation: With 2021-1 the licensing control has been introduced in C360i. License validation ensures that Ingest and Data processing workflows, Rest APIs, Business UI, and Configuration UI are controlled using the license file which has an expiry date. The installer has been enhanced to support installation with the license file.
  • UX Improvements: The user experience is enhanced in Customer Search, Perspective, and Segmentation pages. The readability, visualization, and usability have been improved for a better user experience. The navigation has been improved for ease of traversal between the various pages.
  • Separate Authentication for UI, RTS, and Config UI: Before 2021-1 all the three services could use only one authentication type at any given point in time. With this release, admins can configure different authentication types for these services at the same time.
  • EMR Auto-scaling: Clients do not have to start with a large cluster in EMR anymore. With the 2021-1 release, EMR auto-scaling feature has been enabled to support automatic resizing based on cluster metrics to optimize cost and speed.


In addition, many other features and enhancements have been included in this release. You can refer to the Customer 360 Insights Release Guide for details.


Release Notes:

PAM - Informatica Customer 360 Insights - 2021-1 

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