Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2020-2 HotFix-1-CDP, an AI-powered, data-first customer data platform for customer engagement, has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Customer 360 Insights (C360i) powers digital transformation initiatives with its enhanced personalized marketing and deep analytics functionalities that connect and enrich customer data for a contextual, 360-degree view of customers.


The 2020-2 HotFix-1-CDP release offers fixes to various features and provides usability enhancements that will benefit the marketing and implementation teams. The details are as follows:


  • Externalization of credentials: With this release, all the critical configurations like credentials, security configurations etc., have been externalized. The externalized credentials could be rotated using third-party applications for better security.
  • Role-based Authorization to ES: As an enhancement to AWS ES Connection, the product will now leverage the node-specific role to authenticate service requests to AWS ES. Please note that this is applicable only when AWS ES is used.
  • Stamping records as part of Data Pipeline: Stamping is made part of the data pipeline. For the first time, the user will stamp Customer Records from the UI. After that, if there are customer data changes then workflow takes all the rules from the metadata and runs the stamping process automatically.
  • Enhancements to Rule-Based Publishing: This hotfix provides OOTB implementation that can be either re-used or extended to enable rule-based publishing to S3 based on AWS authentication. With this enhancement, the rule-based publishing destinations grew to HDFS, Kafka, and S3.
  • Customizable Kafka Topic Names: With this HF release, users can configure the Kafka Topic names when installing the product.
  • AWS Roles for Segment Data Export: As an enhancement to Segmentation data export, exporting the configuration to S3 buckets for stamping, will now consider IAM Roles by dynamically reading credentials from the nodes.
  • Zoomdata Fix: The visual analytics URL configured in the were getting replaced by if the URL contains “zoomdata” string. The fix updated the service not to replace the “zoomdata” string.
  • Updating default password for existing users: Effective from this release, administrators can change the default password for users (who haven’t logged in until now) to a custom default password. This will provide an additional layer of security to users who haven’t logged in for a while.


Please refer to the Customer 360 Insights Release Guide for more details.


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