Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2020-2, an AI-powered, data-first customer data platform for customer engagement, has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Customer 360 Insights (C360i) powers digital transformation initiatives with its enhanced personalized marketing and deep analytics functionalities that connect and enrich customer data for a contextual, 360-degree view of customers.


After the successful launch of C30i 2020-1 earlier this year, we are proud to integrate the next set of innovations into C360i 2020-2. This release offers a rich set of features and usability enhancements that will benefit the marketing and implementation teams. The details are as follows:

  • Stamping in Customer Segmentation: As an enhancement to the Customer Segmentation feature released in 2020-1, designated marketers can now stamp the segmented customer records and persist them with the customer profile. This capability allows business users to view the segment the customer belongs to and gain further insight into the customer profile.
  • Match Training Improvements: At the request of customers, we have made it easier to conduct match training process by adding the following columns:
    • The Match Scenario ID to the metrics page to uniquely identify the various scenarios for match analysis.
    • The Match Confidence Score to help the Match Trainer easily assign the Match Pairs that are weakly matched and require further review.
  • Enhanced Access Control: Protecting personally identifiable information is a necessity when managing customer data. Administrators can now assign privileges to designated roles and users to be able to download customer data, thus allowing for enhanced security.
  • Externalized Credentials Management: Security management mandates the flexibility to update access credentials regularly in enterprise applications. C360i now supports the system administrators to externalize configurations to environment variables and change the access tokens and credentials as needed. This enhancement offers the ability to automate the credential rotation.
  • APIs for Access Management: Externalizing Access Control APIs allow administrators to control and manage user access to the application. Administrators can use Rest APIs to authenticate themselves and manage users, roles, and corresponding privileges. To enable seamless transition, the API-related information is available on Swagger UI, an interface for users to quickly adopt the specifications and understand all relevant parameters.


In addition, many other features and enhancements have been included in this release. You can refer to the Customer 360 Insights Release Guide for details.


Release Notes: