Customer 360 10.4 HotFix 1 is released to shipping and available to download.


The 10.4 HotFix 1 release includes increased stability through bug fixes and fixes integrations. Please refer to the product Release Guide and Release Notes for the detailed list of features.


  • Customer 360 Portal (Business to Business) :


    • Introduced new self-service Customer 360 Portal where customers use the C360 Portal to initiate and maintain a customer relationship with the organization.
    • Prebuilt Signup, wizard-driven data onboarding, email templates, state-managed & role-based UI along with single-step approval process.
    • Prebuilt Email, Phone, and Address Validation and provision to add custom validation. 


  • Portal Configuration Tool :


    • With the MDM Customer Portal Configuration Tool, Customers can easily customize the new customer portal and will also be able to create new custom portals.
    • With record & custom pages, state management, role-based access, and components capabilities customers can easily extend and customize the portal behavior, access control, Integration, and page layouts based on their business needs


Release Notes:




You can download the Hotfixes from here.