What are we announcing?

Adobe announces the end of life of Flash in December 2020.


The company has stated that they will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to other formats. As a result, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla announced the end of support for Flash in their browsers effective 31st of December 2020.


Where are Flash components used within MDM and what is the impact with this announcement?

Flash components are used in parts, in Informatica MDM Data Director (IDD). The following table points to the specifics:


Hierarchy Manager in Subject Area-based IDDAll versions
Timeline View in Subject Area-based IDDAll versions
History View in Subject Area-based IDDAll versions
Hierarchy Manager in Entity 360 based IDDAll versions prior to 10.4
Hierarchy View in Informatica Data ControlAll versions


What do you need to do?

If you are using one of the above features, then you are impacted by the Browser Flash deprecation and need to act.


Please refer to KB 610975 for more information.