Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2019-4 – an AI-powered, data hub for customer engagement has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Customer 360 Insights connects and enriches all customer data to create a contextual 360 view that powers digital transformation initiatives including personalized marketing and deep analytics. Customer 360 Insights enables B2B and B2C organizations to:

  • Resolve customer data and create relationships using advanced Machine Learning algorithms
  • Infer customer attributes from unstructured data using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Visualize relationships, households and complex B2B hierarchies using a graph data store
  • Present multiple perspectives of the customer based on unique users and use case context


Customer 360 Insights 2019-4 delivers enhancements to the user experience by offering data self-serviceability, native integrations with other Informatica products and improved performance. With this release, users will now be able to create and share dashboards, will be able to leverage the benefits of industry gold standard products such as SSA-Name3 and Address Verification and will observe improved performance due to end-to-end Spark based execution. In addition to the full capabilities of Customer 360 Insights, some of the innovations included in the release are:

  • Integration with Informatica SSA-Name3: Customer 360 Insights is now integrated with SSA-Name3 for enhanced data comparisons. Comparators leveraging the match fields and match levels of SSA-Name3 has been introduced to provide better data comparison results. Configuration Manager has been updated to accommodate these new changes.
  • Integration with Informatica Address Verification: Customer 360 Insights is now integrated with Address Verification for enhanced standardization, enrichment and validation of address data. Apart from the already existing implementation of address standardization, Address Verification based address standardization is a newly added execution mode that requires procurement of appropriate licenses and unlock codes. Configuration Manager has been updated to accommodate these new changes.
  • Custom Dashboards for Visual Analytics: Customer 360 Insights now allows business users to create and manage perspective specific dashboards for reporting and/or data visualization needs. Users can also share these dashboards with their colleagues/peers for better collaboration.
  • Improved Performance with Spark Migration: Customer 360 Insights has now completely moved to a Spark based execution of workflow thereby resulting in overall better performance.


Release Notes: