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Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2019-3 – an AI powered, data hub for customer engagement has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Customer 360 Insights connects and enriches all customer data to create a contextual 360 view that powers digital transformation initiatives including personalized marketing and deep analytics. Customer 360 Insights enables B2B and B2C organizations to:

  • Resolve customer data and create relationships using advanced Machine Learning algorithms
  • Infer customer attributes from unstructured data using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Visualize relationships, households and complex B2B hierarchies using a graph data store
  • Present multiple perspectives of the customer based on unique users and use case context


Customer 360 Insights 2019-3 delivers enhancements to the user experience with enhanced tools for integration, automation, and matching. With this release, users will now be able to configure the solution more easily and will observe improved matching performance. In addition to the full capabilities of Customer 360 Insights, some of the innovations included in the release are:

  • Improved Configuration Manager: Customer 360 Insights provides OOTB capabilities for business-defined customizations. 2019-3 introduces an enhanced web-based tooling to manage user-driven customizations according to business requirements. Users are now able to easily customize backend configurations including data models (attributes and business objects) and data source modeling via sleek UIs
  • Improved Match Training: Matching within Customer 360 Insights is based on an iterative process. This release introduces an Impact Analysis report to determine optimal match configuration. This feature also provides additional user control over the execution of the Genetic Algorithm (users can now stop run to perform additional training as needed)
  • Rule Based Publishing: Customer 360 Insights now supports rule-based publishing using which users can define rules to publish messages onto a Kafka queue and/or HDFS (based on configuration). This feature allows businesses to achieve multiple use-cases aimed at delivering proactive notifications. For example, banking clients can customize this feature to raise an alert when a customer account balance drops below a defined limit (indicator of churn)
  • Key-based Deterministic Matching: Customer 360 Insights supports key-based deterministic matching as a step prior to probabilistic matching to reduce data redundancy. This functionality tremendously reduces the load on probabilistic matching and notably increases the speed and effectiveness of match training
  • Re-branding: As a continuation from previous release, AllSight UIs have been re-branded to align with Informatica standards for a consistent user experience


Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2019-3 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Customer 360 Insights 2019-3

Informatica MDM – Customer 360 v10.2 HF4 has been released to shipping and is available for immediate download.

This release is a certification release with MDM MDE 10.2 HF4.


For more information about other fixed issues, please review the Release Notes.


Release Notes:




You can download the Hotfixes from here.

Multidomain MDM 10.2 HF4 has been released to shipping and is available for download.


Enhancements in Multidomain MDM 10.2.HF4 release include:


  • Improved task details support for special characters and file name length so it is easier to supplement tasks with less restrictions on file names and formats
  • Updated Active VOS BPM version to to improve task management security


Please refer to the product release guide and release notes for a full list of features and their details. This release also includes increased stability and performance through bug fixes and fix integrations.


Release Notes:




You can download the Hotfixes from here.

The Informatica Global Customer Support Team is excited to announce an all-new technical webinar and demo series – Meet the Experts, in partnership with our technical product experts and Product management. These technical sessions are designed to encourage interaction and knowledge gathering around some of our latest innovations and capabilities across Data Integration, Data Quality, Big Data and so on. In these sessions, we will strive to provide you with as many technical details as possible, including new features and functionalities, and where relevant, show you a demo or product walk-through as well.


Topic and Agenda



Optimizing and automating data management lets you generate more value from your data in less time – and extending that concept to your reference data creates new opportunities to solve stubborn data challenges.


Join Informatica product experts for a deep dive into Reference 360, Informatica's Agile new solution for managing reference data. The reference data management solution that combines the agility of the cloud with intuitive user experience. This webinar will include:

  • Key features and capabilities of the solution
  • Common use cases like reporting, compliance, and data strategy
  • A demo showcasing the powerful capabilities of Reference 360


Register for the webinar today and find out how Informatica's cloud-native MDM technology can provide you with the foresight to become more customer-centric, address increasing regulations, deliver on omnichannel strategy, or grow fast with mergers and acquisitions.



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