Multidomain MDM 10.3 HotFix 1 has been released to shipping and is available for download.


Enhancements in Multidomain MDM 10.3 HotFix 1 release include:

  • Platform Availability Matrix updates:
    • Added support for Oracle 18C
    • Updated JBOSS supported version to Red Hat JBOSS EAP 7.1
    • Updated WebSphere supported version to IBM WebSphere 9
    • Added support for Red Hat Open JDK 8, as an alternative to Oracle JDK 8, for enterprises deploying Multidomain MDM on Red Hat JBOSS EAP
  • New configuration options to make it easy to define default display formats for dates.
  • New capability to copy a business entity or a business entity view and save it with a new unique name, to make it quicker and easier to extend your business entity model.
  • You can customize the messages that appear when tasks are triggered in Data Director. You can also localize the messages
  • Improvements to the response times of the Provisioning tool to make it quicker to save and publish changes.
  • New property to give more control over how cross-reference values are handled for mandatory fields when an edit does not include values for all fields in the cross-reference.


Please refer to the product release guide and release notes for a full list of features and their details. This release also includes increased stability and performance through bug fixes and fix integrations.


Informatica Multidomain MDM 10.3 HotFix 1 Release Notes


Informatica Multidomain MDM 10.3 HotFix 1 Release Guide


PAM for Informatica Multidomain MDM 10.3 HotFix 1


You can download the Hotfixes from here.