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Informatica introduces the latest evolution of the master-data fuelled application: Informatica MDM – Supplier 360 version 10.3.


MDM - Supplier 10.3 delivers new functionality and enhancements to make it easier for buyers to efficiently collaborate with suppliers, provide access to a next generation 360-degree view of supplier data across the enterprise and improve their ability to assess their suppliers’ compliance, performance and risk.

In addition to the full capabilities of MDM 10.3, Supplier 360 is built on, some of the innovations in this release include:


Increased Usability for Broker Users accessing Product 360

A broker user logging in to Supplier 360 supplier portal is now redirected automatically to the supplier portal of MDM – Product 360.  He/she can access all Product 360 functionalities available for his role. Both, supplier and broker users benefit from increased ease-of-use thanks to one single point of access.


Configuration of Answer Types for Product-Related Questions

Customers defining new product-related questions to the Supplier Portal can now specify different answer types depending on the question.


The following answer types can be configured:

  • Text: Enter free-text as the answer
  • Multiple-Choice: Define multiple options for the supplier to choose from. For example, “Yes” and “No” for a confirmatory question.
  • Date: Select a date as the answer.


Improved Collaboration thanks to Task View Access for Product 360

Suppliers can now view Product 360 tasks within the Supplier Portal of Supplier 360. The Task View page of the Supplier Portal displays all the Product 360 tasks, and the users can act on their assigned tasks without changing the portal.


Support for External and MDM Authentication Process

Customers can deploy Supplier 360 without integrating it with an external user management system and use Multidomain MDM to manage users and authentication process.


Enhanced Look-and-Feel for Buyer Side View

The enhanced and updated look-and-feel of the buyer side view makes it easy for business users to manage, curate and consume supplier data within the buyer organization leveraging the underlying MDM 10.3 capabilities.


Extended Localization Support

User interface labels, error messages, business entity metadata, and lookup data of Supplier 360 are now localized and available in 8 different languages.


Informatica MDM – Supplier 360 version 10.3 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM – Supplier 360 version 10.3

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