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Informatica introduces the latest evolution of the master-data fuelled application: Informatica MDM – Customer 360 version 10.3.


MDM - Customer 10.3 delivers new functionality and enhancements to make it easier for data stewards and business users to manage, curate, and consume trusted data to fuel customer experiences that provide competitive advantage. In addition to the full capabilities of MDM 10.3, some of the innovations in this release include:


  • Ad Hoc Match:

Provides the ability to perform a match to identify duplicates and unmatched records without loading the file in MDM. This helps streamline the process of importing the records into MDM by having users to first match an external file and load only those records that are different or new.

  • Hierarchy Visualization Widget:

A configurable hierarchy widget that can be embedded into the customer (person and organization) dashboard. The hierarchy widget provides insight into the customer’s organizational structures in terms of relationships and includes click-through navigation from within this widget to access different hierarchy entities.

  • Wizard Driven report creation and more out-of-the-box charts:

Out-of-the-box Task Management KPIs and Wizard-style report creation on the data steward dashboard. This increases efficiency and improves stewardship through greater visibility to key metrics for task management and workflows.

  • Localization for out-of-the-box data model and Widgets:

Packaged localization bundles for the Customer 360 data model and all widgets to improve solution adoption. With a total of 8 languages, this allows a better user experience for master data stewardship and customer profile access in users’ native language.

  • Document Attachment and Widget:

Preconfigured document attachment capability to the Customer entity and a new document widget that is configurable on the dashboards. Attaching documents to customer records provides a comprehensive customer view and centralizes compliance with internal and external documentation requirements.

  • Automated Upgrade Scripts

Added validation script to check for extensions based on published best practice guidelines and also an upgrade script to apply delta changelist automatically. This helps to reduce the time to value and increase ease of deployment of Customer 360 along with validation utilities to support upgrades from 10.2 to 10.3.


Informatica MDM - Customer 360 version 10.3 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM - Customer 360 version 10.3

Multidomain MDM 10.3 delivers new functionality and enhancements to meet the evolving master data management needs of enterprises and to make it easier for the business user to manage, curate and consume master data. Some of the innovations in this release are:

  • Configurable, secure and feature-rich user interfaces for managing master data

Multidomain MDM 10.3 marries much of the depth of capability of Data Director’s Subject Area UI framework with the flexibility and configurability of Data Director’s Entity360 UI framework. Enhancements to the Entity360 UI framework include:


    • The ability to configure different views of entities shown in the Match Comparison and Cross Reference screens – this helps data stewards to focus on the most important fields for the work they need to complete. Those screens now also support overrides and edits directly.
    • The ability to translate labels for fields on Entity360 screens into eight other languages, including double-byte character languages.
    • The ability to define default values for picklists by role and entity type; and to also define data filters by role and entity type, which are then automatically applied to results of searches and queries.
    • The ability to use rules from Multidomain MDM’s Security Access Manager to limit what a user can do or see in Entity 360 pages.
  • Improved search and query experiences for finding master data records

A new Query screen, and the power of the SearchMatch API for business entities, make it easy to create, save and reuse shared queries for common data searches.  Also, enhancements to the full-text keyword search capability make it faster than ever before to perform searches and to index records for searching.

  • Improved coexistence of the Customer 360 application with other MDM domains that are not managed under Customer 360

The user experience (for instance, look-and-feel) of Customer 360 has been extended to the entire Multidomain MDM Data Director UI so that there is a seamless transition between the Customer 360 application and the Data Director screens for other domains. This update makes it easy to manage customer domain using Customer 360 in the same environment as data for other domains, as well as the relationships between those domains and customer records in Customer 360.

  • New capabilities to support compliance use cases

The ability to attach documents to workflow tasks and to business entities, to support use cases where compliance requirements mandate that data changes and approvals of change requests require documentary evidence to be retained.

  • More configuration options for workflow tasks

Multidomain MDM 10.3 introduces some new configuration options for tasks, allowing you to configure which types of tasks on which business entities require comments and/or documents. There are also new display settings available for configuring task inbox widgets as well as the Task Manager.


Informatica Multidomain MDM 10.3 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica Multidomain MDM 10.3

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