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The release is packaged with many new enhancements that expand the feature set of the product. Along with integration of bug fixes, this release also brings about increased performance and stability.


Some new features include the following:

  • Various user-experience enhancements to the Entity-360 framework
    • Major performance enhancements to the responsiveness of the UI
    • Support for Kerberos / SecureVault for storing database passwords
    • Support for search by using row_id XREF
  • A new Provisioning tool provides the ability to model business and reference entities and manage Entity-360 layout configurations through an easy to use UI
  • New task management capabilities to make it easier and quicker than ever before for data stewards to view and action their task list
    • Support for assigning a task to specific user or user role
    • New Entity-360 control displaying tasks
    • Improved security through use of MDM as Identity Provider and Trusted User support between MDM and Informatica BPM (ActiveVOS)
    • Multiple task actions support
  • New ‘Search Before Create’ UI controls provides functionality for users to determine if Business Entities exist during record creation process.
  • Provide immediate feedback to users through implementing client side validation and improved server side validation messages
  • Ability to run timeline extract job, which gives the history of rejected records
  • Enhancements to Hub Server in order to support cloud deployments
  • Control runtime behavior of the Informatica Data Director by the addition of bulkexportloadsize, exportusingmultithread and enableCreateBEMenuGrouping properties
  • Some other items included are:
    • Support for dependent lookups
    • Support ability to sort children in response for Business Entity Services

  o    Support sorting of data within children tables 

    • Support for type-ahead and wildcards for Smart Search
  • Smart Search native support for Chinese, Japanese Korean languages

For a comprehensive list of all additions to the release, please refer to the release guide.

Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 10.0.0 HotFix 3 Release Notes

Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 10.0.0 HotFix 3 Release Guide


PAM for Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 10.0.0 HotFix 3


You can download the Hotfixes from here.

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