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Informatica introduces our newest master-data fueled application: Informatica MDM – Customer 360 Version 10.2


Informatica MDM-Customer 360 helps companies realize the full strategic potential of their customer-centricity vision. The master data-fueled application centrally manages and combines customer data that’s currently fragmented across a company’s departmental, line of business, and regional applications with other data including product, preference, contact, location, and 3rd party details. The power of the solution is further extended by mapping of transaction, interaction and IOT data managed in a big data environment and connected to business critical customer information with Informatica MDM - Relate 360 (renamed successor product of the Big Data Relationship Management 10.0 HF7).

Designed for both B2B and B2C, as well as business users and data stewards, Informatica MDM – Customer 360 is built on MDM MDE Version 10.2 and leverages the full power and capabilities of the market’s only, true end-to-end MDM solution. It provides a unified user experience, holistic data governance, built-in Business Process Management, smart search, and metadata management. With MDM-Customer 360, businesses can create a solid foundation of great customer data to power great customer experiences.

The key innovations include:


Data Powers Engagement

Informatica MDM-Customer 360 provides the knowledge business users need to interact with both B2B and B2C customers by providing access to their status, contact information, history, preferences, products owned, relationships, and other business critical customer information delivered through configurable role-based dashboards designed for engagement.

And with data federation, information and insights from other systems and analytic outcomes can be shared through MDM-Customer 360; for example, the next best action or offer determined by predictive models can be brought into the dashboard to enhance customer conversations.

Because MDM-Customer 360 also integrates with MDM-Product 360, business users can have access to detailed information about the products customers own for better informed sales, marketing and service interactions and insights at the time of engagement.

Data Powers Understanding

MDM-Customer 360 is integrated with Informatica’s Data-as-a-Service contact data verification and validation suite (address, e-mail, and phone) and multiple data enrichment offerings enhance customer profiles for improved segmentation, better communications, and deeper customer insights.

Specifically, Dun & Bradstreet data seamlessly augments customer profiles and hierarchies. And a framework has been designed to seamlessly connect with other 3rd party data providers including Acxiom or Experian, and industry-specific content providers across life sciences, healthcare, financial services, etc.

As an add-on, MDM – Customer 360 can also be graph enabled by integrating with Informatica’s MDM-Relate 360 for exploration and visualization of customer relationships with the people, places and things that matter most in the business.

Data Powers Efficiency

The MDM – Customer 360 application streamlines the customer onboarding process across companies and simplifies, centralizes and sustains customer data management over the duration of the customer lifecycle in either an on-premise or cloud-enabled environment.

A business-friendly user interface, pre-configured workflows, and robust data model provide faster time to value and minimize the effort needed to capture, verify, validate, enrich, resolve, and manage customer data.

MDM-Customer 360 improves collaboration, stewardship and productivity of managing customer information across applications, functions, regions, and lines of business.

Data Powers Compliance

A prebuilt task in-box, dashboard and charts, along with configurable prebuilt workflows ensure customer data is clean, complete, and conforms with the information requirements outlined in internal policies and specified in industry regulations.

As data is added or updated, cross-reference, data lineage and history are maintained for auditability and reporting.

MDM-Customer 360 is built with Informatica security features which are metadata based and supports role-based access to provide the right level of detail that’s needed, and no more.

Data Powers Growth

With the visibility into the products owned by customers, MDM-Customer 360 provides insights into upsell and cross-sell opportunities to fuel revenue growth.

And as the company grows, or as needed, data can easily be uploaded in batch from external sources into MDM-Customer 360 through a file import function with checks and balances, also making it easier to combine of customer data during times of mergers and acquisitions.

Available as Cloud Edition provided by Informatica Cloud Hosted Services (ICHS) for North America initially, MDM-Customer 360 is built for elasticity and scalability to support growth projections without the worry of hardware or software migrations, installations or upgrades.


Informatica MDM Customer 360 Version 10.2 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM Customer 360 Version 10.2

This release contains a number of updates, integrations, and improvements including the following:

  • Performance optimization for the following:
    • Unmerge Batch jobs      
    • SearchQuery requests
  • Addition of ‘Message_ID’ attribute in JMS messages
  • Ability to export single record from search results
  • Compatibility with Oracle GoldenGate v.
  • Increased stability through bug fixes and fix integrations


Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 9.7.1 HotFix 8 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 9.7.1 HotFix 8

You can download the Hotfixes from here.

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