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Informatica MDM 10.2 brings a great set of new features, functionalities and enhancements including the following:


Intuitive User Experience:

  • MDM 10.2 makes it easier for business users and data stewards to view and manage data in Informatica Data Director
    • The data view has been updated to make it easier to fit more data fields on each screen.
    • The match comparison screen has been expanded to allow data stewards to view and merge child entities as well as the root entity ( for example, view and merge Addresses for a Customer, as well as view and merge the Customer entity).
    • The cross reference view has been expanded to allow data stewards to view the lineage of the full business entity, including all child entities. It now also enables unmerge and survivorship overrides at the child entity level, rather than just the root entity level.
    • The history view has been updated to provide an easier way to explore and view history of changes on an entity, and has also been expanded to include events for child entities and not just the root entity.
    • A new Related Records component is available to easily view and manage relationships within the data view.


Clean data as a service on the fly

  • A brand new Data-as-a-Service UI component and services provide easy integration with data providers like Dun & Bradstreet. This allows a business user to search external data providers from the user interface, and choose records to import directly into MDM, to create new records in MDM or enrich existing records in MDM.


Low total cost of ownership

  • MDM 10.2 provides additional customization options to web services calls to ensure you can run custom business logic specific to your implementation in a way that will be easier to upgrade in the future.
  • Oracle in Amazon RDS is now supported for those customers looking for a lower cost DBMS solution in the cloud.


Faster time to value

  • The Provisioning Tool has been redesigned to provide easy to use interfaces for rapid configuration:
    • New Layout Designer provides simple drag and drop capabilities to configure role-specific page layouts.
    • MDM 10.2 eliminates the cumbersome XML based configurations for business entity models, cleanse and transformation rules and page layouts.
  • • Smart Search feature is further enhanced and provides:
    • Support for accented characters
    • Ability to sort smart search results according to the business entity fields in REST responses
    • Ability to search and return pending records to search results
    • Support for distributed environments



  • Support for Java 8 for JBoss and Weblogic application servers.
  • We have enhanced and customizable user password hashing and now also support certificate-based authentication.


Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 10.2 Release Notes


PAM for Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 10.2


This release can be downloaded by opening a shipping request.

This release is a certification release with Informatica MDM 10.1HF1 and bug fixes.

Please take a look at the release notes to get more details.

Informatica MDM - Supplier 360 v10.1 HotFix 1 Release Notes

PAM for Informatica MDM - Supplier 360 v10.1 HotFix 1

You can download the Hotfix from here.

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