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In the MDM Hub console, an error occurs for applications with expired certificates.


When launching MDM Hub console on a client workstation, MDM downloads multiple *.jar files. These *.jar files are signed with a recognized certificate. In Java 1.7 and later versions, the default security settings block applications with expired certificates. Current certification for signing MDM console jar files expires on Oct 29, 2016. After Oct 29, 2016, due to default Java security settings, launching console will be blocked by Java. When MDM Hub console is blocked from launching, the error “Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running” occurs.


Affected versions:

  • MDM 9.6
  • MDM 9.6.1
  • MDM 9.7.1
  • MDM 10.0
  • MDM 10.1


To resolve this issue and for more information, see KB 501818 and KB 501859 (Support Video).

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