This release contains major new UI enhancements as well as Task management improvements and bug fixes.


Following are the highlights of this release:

  • New task management capabilities in Data Director to make it easier and quicker than ever before for data stewards to action their task list.
  • The Entity360 page can now be used to create and edit records, giving all users a friendly interface for managing data content. This includes support for new field types such as a date picker and picklist, and it also includes field validation messages and different display options for read only fields and mandatory fields
  • Major architectural improvements led to 4x 6x increase in UI rendering and response speeds in IDD. Combining this with improved User Experience in Entity 360 driven UIs, IDD becomes a universal Master Data Management tool suitable for both Data Stewards and Business Users.
  • There no longer is a need for maintain user list and role assignment separately between MDE and Integrated Informatica BPM, role resolution and authorization are now seamless.
  • Smart Search now natively supports queries in Chinese, Japanese and Korean providing relevant and accurate results for faster discovery of relevant Master Data across multiple types of Business Entities managed.
  • Retrieving up-to-date and accurate Master Data is now much faster and easier with substantial improvements made to Smart Search querying and indexing areas.
  • Workflows can now be started and processed using externally available REST and SOAP Composite Object Services as well as Entity 360 based User Interfaces.
  • Dual Workflow Engine Support makes it easier to transition from legacy workflow engines to native MDE Informatica BPM integration.
  • With introduction of SOAP support in Composite Services, addition of Composite Services allowing to cover Merge/Unmerge operations as well as operations on Pending records, it becomes even easier to align the MDE integration plans with preexisting infrastructure policies.
  • Trillium v15 and Flash 18 are supported with this release of v10.


Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition - 10.0.0 HotFix 2 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition Release 10 Hotfix 2

You can download the Hotfix for different Operating Systems from here.