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This release contains few enhancements and other bug fixes.


  1. Oracle 12c  support for 9.7.1HF3.
  2. Weblogic 12c support for 9.7.1HF3
  3. Support for IDQ 9.6.1 Integration in 9.7.1HF3
  4. PowerCenter Adaptor support for version 9.6
  5. IE11 Support on Windows 8.1 for 9.7.1HF3
  6. ZDT Support for 9.7.1 HF3 (Oracle only)
  7. ZDT Support for direct 9.0.1 to 9.7.1 Migration
  8. Provisioning of GBID column in IDD Subject Area Layout.
  9. Bug fixes for timeline enabled Objects.

Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition - 9.7.1 HotFix 3 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition Release 9.7.1 HotFix 3

You can download the Hotfix from here.

We are excited to announce that Informatica Total Supplier Relationship Application 10.0 has been released to shipping and is available immediately.


Informatica Total Supplier Relationship 10 (TSR) is a master-data fuelled application with a user interface for the business that enables the organizations to centralize and streamline the end-to-end process of managing all supplier relationships and the raw materials or products they supply, asses their suppliers’ risk, compliance and performance and increase overall efficiencies by negotiating corporate pricing and payment terms.

The Total Supplier Relationship Application includes:

  • Supplier registration portal
  • Supplier on-boarding and qualification workflows using Informatica BPM
  • Services to consume and persist supplier information
  • File management service to persist supplier related documents
  • Supplier self-service portal including catalogue management
  • Supplier 360, supplier stewardship to provide secured access to manage and govern supplier information
  • Supplier Analytics

Informatica Total Supplier Relationship Application - 10.0.0 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM For Informatica Total Supplier Relationship 10.0

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