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Master Data Management (MDM) Multidomain Edition (MDE) v10.0 includes many new features. To explain these features better, we have now added 2 new Informatica Expert Assistants:


  1. MDM MDE v10.0 Overview: This interactive guide will help you in understanding the key features and also compare the improvements made to the product from the older versions. MDM v10.0 is tagged as the Intelligent MDM, which is based on Informatica's Intelligent Data platform.
  2. Upgrade Planner for MDM MDE v10.0Informatica Upgrade Planner has been designed to provide an insight into the Informatica product upgrades.This interactive self-service guide will provide you the information required to upgrade to Master Data Management (MDM) Multidomain Edition (MDE) v10.0. In this guide, you will learn about the new features, architectural changes and steps to upgrade. Additionally, it includes different types of upgrade and best practices to follow during the upgrade cycle.

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