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Highlights of the release:


  • The Duplicate Prevention control, a new Informatica Data Control, provides the ability to embed the Informatica Data Director user interface for displaying suspected duplicates directly within other systems such as and Siebel, providing the ability to use the match rules defined in the MDM Hub and the data already loaded into the MDM Hub to detect potential data duplication at the point of entry in an external system, resulting in less duplication at source and providing business users with Master Data insight when making critical business decisions.
  • Enhanced search and display capabilities for the Informatica Data Director user interface, such as attribute masking by role, multi-level sorting and case insensitive Advanced and Basic searches.
  • Hierarchy point-in-time viewer, providing users with the ability to visualize and manage hierarchy relationships for a specific point in time, in the past or in the future, and to view changes made to a hierarchy over time.
  • Single Sign-On support for the Informatica Data Director, allowing IDD to be integrated with centralized authentication providers.
  • Advanced workflow and business process management capabilities such as data-aware task assignments and complex BPM automation through integration with Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager.
  • A BPM SDK that provides an open framework for integration with 3rd party BPM products, allowing customers to leverage their existing investments in BPM technology.
  • Metadata repair capabilities in MDM's Metadata Manager tool.
  • Full 64-bit support for the application server layer.
  • An upgrade to AddressDoctor5.
  • Support for JBOSS clustering.
  • Improved dynamic metadata caching to better support clustered environments.
  • MDM in the Cloud - an Amazon Machine Image with installed and preconfigured MDM - allows users to accelerate the creation of new MDM instances for new projects, development, testing, deployment, and training.


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