Standard support for the XU release of Siperian Hub ends in June 2011. For the DB2 version of that release (XU Patch A DB2), the supported period has been extended to September 2012.


Customers still on XU Patch A DB2 are recommended to upgrade to Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 9.01, which will be released for the DB2 platform at the end of March 2011.


Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition 9.01 for DB2 provides significant new functionality, including:


  • Informatica Data Director – a feature rich, easily configurable, web-based data governance application
  • Support for WebSphere clustering
  • Metadata Manager repository migration capabilities, including change list creation for promotion of data model and rule changes from one ORS to another
  • State management capabilities for built-in workflow support
  • Match enhancements – ability to specify match filters
  • Cleanse adapter for Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) Web Services
  • Cleanse mapping enhancements – new Rejects function, minibatches functionality for improved performance of calls to IDQ
  • Server cache and write lock enhancements  – automatic caching
  • Enterprise Manager tool, for managing ORS logging settings
  • Support for custom packages and custom indexes
  • Updated match library
  • Enhanced delta detection – ability to select a subset of columns for use in delta detection
  • Rebranding from Siperian Multidomain MDM Hub to Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition


For any queries or concerns, call us at the Global Customer Support hotline or email