• MDM - Customer 360 Data Model

    I'm working on a MDM-Customer 360 POC for a client. And, it is painful to go through the Data model on the MDM Hub and insert data in the Lookup tables. Can one of you help me with an ERWIN file of this data model? An...
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  • Informatica MDM – Registry Edition version 10.1 HotFix 1 is Now Available

    Informatica MDM – Registry Edition version 10.1 HotFix 1 has been released to shipping and is available immediately. This release includes the release of SSA-NAME3 version 10.1 HF1.   Informatica MDM –...
    Rashmi Rekha Gogoi
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  • Informatica MDM version supported by Informatica Support Team

    Hi All,   Can you please let me know what are the versions of Informatica MDM that is being currently supported by Informatica Support Team.   Regards, Sridhar
    Sridhar Raju
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  • Merge Issue on PIM

    Hello Team,   im getting this below error while merging   Merge started 3/14/19 10:17 AM Unexpected internal error while running the merge Exception occured during merge of product with ID=121168 (supplie...
    Niranjan Gujjari
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  • Uninstall error: MDMRE 9.5.3 HF2 DEV SERVER.

    Hi Team,   I am trying to uninstall the MDMRE 9.5.3 HF2  unix machine. i am using this below command to uninstall software. u01/MDMRE> sh uninstall below  error occured. Error File:   201...
    shankar kanisani
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  • WARNING: Node configuration information is missing.

    What does this message mean when it appears in the Job Status log file? "WARNING: Node configuration information is missing."
    Bill Sanderson
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  • SIP-MV-12215

    New kind of error. When you create an base object and then validate the ORS. 10.1 HF4
    preetish anand
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    Hi ,   when I run after load idt job. under tool options CREATE PID OPTION  not available. next step clustering step and create pid is same  . when I run clustering job it will be success nothing happ...
  • system definition file in mdm re 9.5.3

    how to read sdf file , sdf file as error , how to see the error Linux environment.

    Running step 'Load ID Table' task 'job-load-0-IDT_CUSTOMER' Running step 'Load ID Table' task 'job-load-0-IDT_CUSTOMER' step 'Load ID Table' failed   [2018-03-31 10:27:15.518144  20] ssacssv > It is no...
  • Can address cleansing be invoked during a Salesforce save or is there address auto complete?

    We currently only use batch processing (Informatica CC360) and I have used the VF editor on contact and account screens before but I was wondering if there was an auto correct feature (rather than the ? button to vali...
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  • Merge Address types

    Suresh Lella
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  • Possibility of having multiple root directories for Infa 9.6.1 Server installation

    Hi All, I have a situation where one project already uses an Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1 server running only at 25% of its capacity and hence the client decides to leverage the same server for another project, in t...
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  • Is it possible why server logs is DEBUG with INFO mode ON

    The server logs are coming in DEBUG where as the INFO modes are on log4j.xml. Any thoughts
    preetish anand
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  • SIP-09069: Failed to execute java load and SIP-11148 Process Server does not sufficient capacity in MDM 9.7

    Hi,   I am using MDM 9.7 with ORACLE-11g and JBoss Application Server. I am able to run STAGE job with all 100 records successfully.   But, whenever I was running LOAD Job and in CMXServer Log I am gettin...
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  • Check for duplicates while inserting a record in IDD

    Hi all,   Is there any provision in IDD or MDM in which we can check whether a record which is about to inserted through IDD is a duplicate?   thanks,   Sree
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  • Hi, i am getting below error while inserting data through the the e360

    here is the error showing in server logs,       CompositeServiceException [WritePatientView] [SIP-50100] SIP-14148: Either ROWID or both source key and system name must be specified to identify a reco...
    sripal devarakonda
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  • Executing IDD User Exit after the import Operation in IDD

    Hi all,   Is there any way in which we can execute an IDD User Exit after the import operation is done?   My scenario is, I am using Import functionality in IDD to feed data into my Base Object. I want to ...
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  • Merge Tasks disappearing from Tasks window

    Hi,   We got recently upgraded to MDM102.EBF3 and while testing we found that merge tasks are disappearing after it is getting created. This behaviuor was not seen in MDM971 earlier version pre upgrade. When we ...
    venkat Darawath
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  • Integrating facebook

    Hi All,   Can anyone help me to understand, how we can get number of post by a user on Facebook in E360? We have a requirement to show if a user is present in Facebook or not, if yes, what are the number of lik...
    Ankit Bandyopadhyay
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