• Informatica MDM version supported by Informatica Support Team

    Hi All,   Can you please let me know what are the versions of Informatica MDM that is being currently supported by Informatica Support Team.   Regards, Sridhar
    Sridhar Raju
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  • SIP-MV-12215

    New kind of error. When you create an base object and then validate the ORS. 10.1 HF4
    preetish anand
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  • system definition file in mdm re 9.5.3

    how to read sdf file , sdf file as error , how to see the error Linux environment.

    Running step 'Load ID Table' task 'job-load-0-IDT_CUSTOMER' Running step 'Load ID Table' task 'job-load-0-IDT_CUSTOMER' step 'Load ID Table' failed   [2018-03-31 10:27:15.518144  20] ssacssv > It is no...
  • Can address cleansing be invoked during a Salesforce save or is there address auto complete?

    We currently only use batch processing (Informatica CC360) and I have used the VF editor on contact and account screens before but I was wondering if there was an auto correct feature (rather than the ? button to vali...
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