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MDM Registry Edition

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High Availability with ZooKeeper

Identity Resolution uses Apache ZooKeeper to achieve high availability for Rulebase Servers, updsync utility, and updmulti utility in a distributed environment. High availability refers to the availability of the resources without any service interruption if a failure occurs.

SEARCH and FILE Extended Fields

You can extend any of the key fields and set the weight for the extended fields. The extended fields use the algorithm of the key fields. Use the extended fields to override the weight of the key fields in the run time.

Range Matching on the Date Fields

In the SCORE-LOGIC controls section, you can specify a range for the dates in the search data, the file data, or both to perform matching. The matching returns 100% score if the search data and file data values are within the specified range.

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements for key generation and matching of 15 to 30%.

IDD Improvements

Error logging with IDD is improved and search performance options such as candidate-set-size-limit and truncate are now supported within IDD's search interface.  Connection stability and error handling is also improved. 


Release Notes:

Identity Resolution:

MDM Registry Edition:


Informatica MDM-Registry Edition 9.5.4 is a point release containing enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of Informatica Identity MDM-Registry Edition version 9.5.4 include:


IR Batch System Configuration Update Utility

  • Retrieve and update the configuration metadata data of a system (without reloading the system in most cases). Use it to also update IR systems remotely.

In-Place Update API calls for IR Synchronization via the Sync Server

  • Make a single API call for updating records instead of deletes and adds.

Range Matching

  • Match a number field in the search record to within +/- value of another number field in the file record.

Log Grabber and Log Formatter Utilities

  • Consolidate all log files in installation directories into a single file including configuration information using the Log Grabber utility. Convert the file to XML format for easy browser viewing with the Log Formatter utility.

More Matching Options

  • Use the FILTER_SEARCHVALUES control to specify a list of values to match with the search data field, file data field or both.

LWM Compatibility Enhancement

  • On upgrading, use the Light Weight Matching feature on existing ASCII based populations from previous versions that have been customised.

Active Directory-Based Authorization

  • Active Directory can be used as a security provider and can be used for role based authorization (user and admin) for finer control of access to features and configuration settings.

New Clustering Option

  • Use the new ALL-UNDECIDED-REVIEW option with the BEST clustering method to review all undecided match records for the search record. This option flags the cluster created for the search record and all the existing clusters of the undecided match records.


Informatica Identity Resolution - 9.5.4 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica MDM Registry Edition - 9.5.4 - Release Notes - (English)

Informatica SSA-NAME3 - 9.5.4 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM for Informatica Identity Resolution 9.5.4 Platform Support

Informatica MDM - Registry Edition 9.5.3 HotFix 2 is a maintenance release containing enhancements and bug fixes.


The highlights of this release include:


Performance Improvements


  • Core components have been optimized to achieve improved load and search performance


Geocode Support


  • SSA-NAME3 now provides search and match capability based on latitude, longitude


New Field Type


  • Added the new Company_Name field that does not contain person name rules to differentiate with Organization_Name field that does.


SDF Wizard Enhancements


  • SDF Wizard now allows the configuration of LWM settings when creating or editing a search


Informatica MDM Registry Edition - 9.5.3 HotFix 2 - Release Guide - (English)

Informatica MDM-Registry Edition 9.5.3 is a point release containing new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


The highlights of this release include:


  • Session Pooling - Improves search performance and eliminates custom logic implemented by other clients for session pooling.
  • Light Weight Matching - Uses a fast scoring algorithm to pre-score and reject obvious mismatches upfront, this results in faster searches, persistent ID creation, match API and run clustering.
  • New Field Types - Standard populations include new field types/multiple entities which are used in key building and matching. These include Telephone, Date, Credit Card amongst others.
  • Better SDF Validation - All section statements of an SDF are validated during system creation.



Informatica MDM Registry Edition - 9.5.3 - Release Notes - (English)

PAM - Informatica MDM Registry Edition 9.5.3 Platform Support


This is a maintenance release containing new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of this release include:


  • SDF Wizard Deploy Feature: Simplifies the process of system deployment via SDF in a few simple steps all within the SDF Wizard.
  • Log Collection Utilities: To help in the collection, formatting and diagnosis of log messages two new utilities (loggrabr and logfrmat) have been introduced.
  • Standardized Log Messages and High Resolution Timestamps: All date and time information is clear and easier to read and the timestamp resolution is now at the micro-second level.
  • HTTP Compression: The XML servers will now use RFC 2616 gzip compression with clients that support it.
  • HTTP Authentication: Support has been added for RFC 2617 HTTP authentication.
  • Software Asset Management: Support has been provided for software asset management in the form of ISO/IEC 19770-2 software identification tags.
  • Trigger Support in Updmulti: Updmulti can now be used where triggers are used to propagate source table updates.Socket Layer Improvements: Improvements to the socket layer to better handle and tolerate variations in network quality. Hence MDM-RE servers and clients are even more resilient and reliable.
  • Idsdown improvements: Improved responsiveness to shutdown commands issued to servers.
  • Faster Initial Loads: Improvements enable multiple rows to be fetched during extraction resulting in better performance for initial loads, re-indexing IDTs and create-PID process.
  • Rule base Server Group Optimizations: A better balance is now achieved across resource utilization and reliability when accessing the DB.
  • Population Enhancements: A majority of the populations have been enhanced.
  • IDD GUI Changes: The layout of some of the IDD dialogs has been modified to improve the usability.
  • Better PID Creation Performance: Default settings have changed for Create PID process to improve performance.
  • Bug fixes


Informatica MDM Registry Edition - 9.5.2 - Release Notes - (English)


The highlights of this release include:


  • Simplified Search: Informatica MDM-Registry Edition 9.5 introduces a new Key Field called the Generic_Field, and a new  Match Purpose called Generic. These index Generic data that may contain either of Person Names, Organization Names, Addraesses, or a combination thereof. These new options provide a simplified search experience.
  • Forced Link and Unlink Rule: This feature provides the ability to explicitly define  groups of records representing the same logical entity (Forced Link) or different entities (Forced Unlink). These rules ensure that the manual decisions are maintained, even when subsequent updates occur to the specified entities during Synchronization processing.
  • Security: Introduces a  new generic Security Layer to perform user authentication against external directory services and user repositories The Security Layer enables Role-Based authentication for different categories of users accessing the MDM-RE product.
  • Persistent-IDs refresh: This release enables users the ability to refresh the Persistent-ID clusters, members, and preferred records.


Informatica MDM Registry Edition 9.5.0 Release Notes

This Hotfix release is strongly recommended for all customers as it contains important fixes.


Informatica MDM Registry Edition 9.2.0 HitFix1 Release Notes

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