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Informatica MDM-Registry Edition 9.5.4 is a point release containing enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of Informatica Identity MDM-Registry Edition version 9.5.4 include:


IR Batch System Configuration Update Utility

  • Retrieve and update the configuration metadata data of a system (without reloading the system in most cases). Use it to also update IR systems remotely.

In-Place Update API calls for IR Synchronization via the Sync Server

  • Make a single API call for updating records instead of deletes and adds.

Range Matching

  • Match a number field in the search record to within +/- value of another number field in the file record.

Log Grabber and Log Formatter Utilities

  • Consolidate all log files in installation directories into a single file including configuration information using the Log Grabber utility. Convert the file to XML format for easy browser viewing with the Log Formatter utility.

More Matching Options

  • Use the FILTER_SEARCHVALUES control to specify a list of values to match with the search data field, file data field or both.

LWM Compatibility Enhancement

  • On upgrading, use the Light Weight Matching feature on existing ASCII based populations from previous versions that have been customised.

Active Directory-Based Authorization

  • Active Directory can be used as a security provider and can be used for role based authorization (user and admin) for finer control of access to features and configuration settings.

New Clustering Option

  • Use the new ALL-UNDECIDED-REVIEW option with the BEST clustering method to review all undecided match records for the search record. This option flags the cluster created for the search record and all the existing clusters of the undecided match records.


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