Highlights of this release:


  • Synchronization Server - This new server provides Real-Time Synchronization capabilities for clients. The server employs multithreaded techniques to maximize throughput.
  • Real Time Synchronization - The Real Time Web Service and the Real time API have been added. Both utilize the Synchronization Server to perform IDT updates and linking in real time.
  • Notification Service - Users can subscribe to this service to be notified of various changes in the MDM-RE systems.
  • Auditing - The ability to audit changes to IDTs and Persistent-IDs has been added. Users now have the option to enable auditing of some or all MDM-RE system objects. The audit information is stored in native DB tables.
  • Code Keys - SSA-Name3 fuzzy matching technology has been extended to handle specific data types more efficiently. These data types include SSN, telephone numbers, license numbers, and so on. A new population is required to take advantage of Code Keys.
  • Multithreaded synchronization - The Synchronization Server makes extensive use of multithreading to maximise throughput.
  • System definition wizard updated to support advanced options.


Informatica MDM Registry Edition 910 Release Notes